Suzuki M-20 Manji




*Please call for key availability

The highest sound and durability

A new material body reproducing a wooden body and a classic style without fading produce the highest sound and durability.

Suzuki 10 Holes Ultimate Standard Model with an edge style technique and functional beauty condensed.

Add “Low Key” & New Scale” to cover a broader style.
Continuing to evolve into a model without blind spots.

The world of 10 hole harmonicas are entering a transition period in which various playing styles are born from the mature playing style so far. In recent years SUZUKI responded quickly to that situation and has always challenged a number of ambitious works to respond to the creation of players. MANJI was born as the ultimate standard model which can also be called culmination.

*Following keys are available to offer.
G~HiG Major                                     Low key Major
G~HiG Other Scale

M-20 Replacement reed plate is also available.

G~HiG Major
G~HiG Other Scale
Low key major

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