Roland PM-200 Personal Monitor for Electronic Drums


HighResolution Sound Monitoring, FineTuned for Roland`s VDrums


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High-Resolution Sound Monitoring, Fine-Tuned for Roland`s V-Drums

Delivering rich, dynamic sound in a streamlined package, the PM-200 is the ultimate monitoring solution for Roland`s V-Drums. Packing 180 watts of power, the PM-200 features a custom full-range speaker system and rugged cabinet specially optimized for reproducing the famously expressive V-Drums sound and response. And with integrated mixing and direct output capabilities, it`s easy to interface with other devices at home or on stage.

-Premium all-in-one monitor designed for use with V-Drums electronic percussion products

-Equipped with 180 watts of power, a custom 12-inch speaker, and horn tweeter

-Angled design provides ideal sound coverage for the seated player

-Integrated mixer with independent volume controls and global EQ

-Dedicated V-Drums input, plus 1/4-inch and 1/8-inch line inputs for connecting electronic percussion pads, smartphones, and music players

-Two XLR direct outputs, with selectable stereo or dual mono output for a V-Drums module connected in stereo

-Unique full-width bar handle for easy floor adjustment and carrying convenience

Pro-Level Sound for Playing V-Drums

-The PM-200 is the perfect complement to any V-Drums set. The custom 12-inch speaker and horn tweeter project big, full-range sound, and 180 watts of power provides ample headroom for both home playing and stage use. The front face is angled for optimal sound monitoring while seated at the V-Drums, and a full-width bar handle on top offers a convenient way to carry the monitor and adjust its floor position.

Versatile Onboard Mixing

-With its integrated mixer, the PM-200 allows you to monitor backing music and external devices along with your kit. There`s a dedicated V-Drums input, plus 1/4-inch and 1/8-inch line inputs for connecting electronic percussion pads, smartphones, and music players. Independent volume controls are provided for the V-Drums and line input sections, and a two-band equalizer is on hand for shaping the overall sound.

Direct Outputs for Recording and Stage Performing

-The PM-200 is also equipped with two XLR direct outputs to send sounds to a mixer or recording device, providing additional flexibility for using the monitor in stage, rehearsal, and studio applications. And while the PM-200 is a mono monitor, its inputs support stereo connections, enabling you to pass true stereo sound to the direct outputs. When a V-Drums module is connected in stereo to the V-Drums input, a convenient rear panel switch allows you to output its sound in dual mono or stereo to suit the needs of your setup.


Rated Power Output

-180 W

Nominal Input Level

-V-Drums INPUT: -6 dBu (10 k ohms)

-LINE INPUT: -6 dBu (10 k ohms)


-30 cm (12 inches) Woofer x 1, Horn Tweeter x 1


-POWER switch

-V-Drums VOLUME knob


-BASS knob

-TREBLE knob

-DIRECT OUT switch




-V-Drums INPUT jack: Stereo 1/4-inch phone type

-LINE INPUT jack: Stereo 1/4-inch phone type, Stereo miniature phone type

-DIRECT OUT connector: XLR type

-AC IN jack

Power Consumption

-64 W


-Owner`s manual

-Power cord

Size and Weight


458 mm

18-1/16 inches


469 mm

18-1/2 inches


420 mm

16-9/16 inches


21.0 kg

46 lbs 5 oz

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