ADJ F-SCENT Fog Juice Scent – Peach



Peach scent. F-Scents Fog Juice Scents from ADJ enhance your fog effect experience by adding pleasant scents to the fog produced from your fog machine.

Adding fog effects to your dance floor creates a whole new atmosphere of excitement for those participating. You can further improve your crowd’s experience by getting more of the senses involved with the addition of F-Scents Fog Juice Scents from ADJ.

Combining a fog machine with lasers and lights makes the light more visible thus creating a far more exciting and dynamic atmosphere, F-Scents allows you to add one more layer to it with a range of available scents that increase the immersion of those on the dance floor. Scent is the strongest sense tied to memory, make your next event one to be forever remembered by adding F-Scents Fog Juice Scent from ADJ.


  • Add scent to unscented fog juice. Dilute one 1oz. bottle into 1gal. 
  • 1/4 of 1oz. bottle in 1 quart.