Seymour Duncan Powerstage 700 – 700-watt Guitar Amp Head 11901-001



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The PowerStage™ 700 is a game-changing product for guitar players that want uncompromising tone in a compact power amp. Maybe you love your tube amp but don’t want to lug it around. Or you use a modeler that has a ton of functionality but doesn’t sound as good when hooked up to your existing amp or direct to the PA. Perhaps you have the ultimate pedalboard and just need a better way of amplifying or running it direct. Do you dread fly dates or gigs because you’re never sure what your backline will be? PowerStage is the answer, whether you’re playing live or recording in the studio. When you create your tone from a modeler, pedals or effects processor, what you want is a clean, transparent power source that brings your tone to life. With PowerStage, you can bring your whole rig to the gig without compromising your sound, breaking your back or draining your bank account. The PowerStage 700 is the perfect companion for the current crop of amp modelers and effects processors. With discrete stereo ins and outs you can reproduce your carefully crafted amp sounds in massive detail, with power, clarity and a warmth that will take even state-of-the-art modeled tones to the next level. And with the True Cab Circuitry (TCC)™ on the XLR line outputs, you can send your tone direct to the front of house—with all the feel and response of a speaker—even as you monitor through a cabinet onstage. Another huge benefit of the PowerStage is its musically voiced 3-band EQ. This allows you to fine-tune your sound, quickly and with precision, without scrolling through menus or editing patches. Such a powerful and intuitive tone shaping tool at the very end of your signal chain makes it easy to maximize your tone for any situation.

Compact amp head for a pedal-based guitar rig
700 watts per side of power is enough for any type of performance
Small enough to fit in a backpack or gig bag, and easily rack-mountable
Discrete stereo inputs and outputs for getting the most from your pedals
3-band EQ in the power section for dialing in your ideal tone
Selectable cab-emulated outputs are fantastic for going direct
Allows you to use your pedals as the rig’s front end
Level:0 Db To 47 Db
Treble Control:+/- 13 Db @6.61 Khz
Mid Control:+/- 13 Db @712 Hz
Bass Control:+/- 13 Db @87 Hz
Output Impedance:4-8 Ohms
Power:350 W At 8 Ohms, 700 W At 4 Ohms
Dimensions:11.5” X 2.2” X 6.9”
Weight:6.3 Lbs.

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