Pearl MM1465SC Matt McGuire Signature 6.5″ x 14″ Snare Drum, Black Powder Coat



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Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire!! Designed by influential YouTuber and drummer for The Chain Smokers to fill arenas with sound, the Matt McGuire Signature Tour Edition Drum features steel shell volume and fully-vented sensitivity. The world’s first snare drum featuring an embedded NFC Chip, it connects the drummer who owns it directly to official content created exclusively by Matt McGuire. Matt McGuire’s Pearl Signature Snare Drum features a 1mm Rolled Steel shell with 30 reinforced 1/3″ vents around the bottom edge. This unique design enhances snare response and delivers unique tonal bite. Its powder coated Matte Black finish further tempers its uniquely bright tone, and Pearl’s reliably durable SuperHoop II 2.3mm Hoops and CL Bridge Lugs add weight for increased projection. This Tour Edition of Matt’s snare not only includes two additional badges featuring The Chainsmokers logo and Matt’s Signature, it is also embedded with NFC Chip technology. A simple tap with any Smartphone instantly unlocks exclusive content created by Matt himself.
  • Includes two additional badges featuring The Chainsmokers logo and Matt’s Signature
  • 1mm Rolled Steel features 30 reinforced 1/3″ vents around the bottom edge, for enhanced snare response and expansive sonic
  • Durable SuperHoop II 2.3mm Hoops
  • CL Bridge Lugs
  • Quick SR-017 snare strainer
  • Shell: 1mm unbeaded, powder coated steel
  • Vents: 30x reinforced
  • Strainer: SR-017
  • Hoops: SuperHoop II 2.3mm
  • Lugs: CL-65
  • Batter Head: Evans B14G1RD Power Centre (5″ dot)
  • NFC Chip: Decal with chip included in separate envelope
  • Tension Rods: T-061L (x20)