Pearl Demon Chain Double Pedal P-3002C



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Pearl’s P-3002C Demon Chain double pedal uses precision engineering to provide you with the effortless response and fine-tuned blend of finesse and power you need to connect you to your bass drum and perform your best. Technologies such as Pearl’s Perfect Circle Cam and Z-Link Drive Shaft combine with a set of Ninja skateboard bearings to make the P-3002C’s action blissfully smooth, while the ultra-light dual chain allows each stroke of your foot to pack a serious wallop. What’s more, adjusting every critical aspect of the P-3002C Demon Chain – from changing the beater angle and footboard height to converting between short-board and long-board configurations – is fast and easy.

Demon series precision meets chain-drive power
Linear cam action with Ninja bearing smoothness
Tweak your action just the way you like it