Pearl 14″ X 6.5″ Dennis Chambers Signature Snare Drum, Matte Black DC1465SC119



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To be truly great, one must evolve. Drumming legend Dennis Chambers took this to heart when considering the transformation of his signature snare drum sound. Using the multi-lug design of his previous model, it employs ten tuning points on the batter head and eight on the bottom for top-end tonal focus. Returning to the 4-ply maple with 4-ply Reinforcement Rings shell of his original signature model, it features a solid, searing, and articulate sound that fits well in any playing field. The real difference comes with its SR300 Philharmonic Strainer, which features three individually tunable six-strand snappy wire snares. Each can be engaged or disengaged to sculpt the sound of the drum further. Pearl’s reliably durable Mastercast Die-Cast Hoops also add weight for increased projection.

SIZE 14”x6.5”
SHELL 4-ply Maple with 4-ply Re-Rings (Regular Ply)
HOOPS MasterCast Hoops (DC1410/DC1408S)
LUGS STL100 (10 Top/8 Bottom)
RODS 18 (10 Top/8 Bottom)
TENSION RODS SST5047 Stainless Steel
STRAINER SR300 with three individually tunable 6-strand snappy wire snares
SNARES S051 (x3)
HEADS Evans B14G12 / S14H30
COLOR #119 Matte Black with Chrome Hardware

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