Korg Portable 61-Key Arranger Keyboard with Latin Styles EK50CSA



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Meet the latest edition to Korg’s Arranger Keyboard series, the EK-50 CSA, featuring inspiring new Styles and Sounds focused on popular music in Latin America. The EK-50 CSA builds on the success of the original EK-50, adding authentic Latin Styles ranging from Modern Latin Dance to Mariachi, Banda, Salsa, Cumbia, and more. The EK-50 CSA is simple to use and allows your musical ideas to evolve effortlessly into complete ready-to-play songs, with auto musical accompaniment that follows your chord changes. Styles provide an entire backing band as you play the keyboard, and high-quality sounds inspire you to add phrases as they come to mind. Simply put, the EK-50 CSA is an Arranger Keyboard with Latin flare that you can enjoy on any musical level. The EK-50 CSA is packed with 686 instruments, 160 Keyboard Sets, and 356 authentic musical Styles that capture the essence of Latin music, developed by a team of highly talented musicians and programmers in Latin America. Many of the Styles in EK-50 CSA have been re-made to take advantage of new and inspiring sounds. New authentic saxophone and brass sounds can be heard in Style categories such as Salsa and Merengue, and specialty sounds such as Quena can be heard in Styles such as Cumbia Andina. This allows EK-50 CSA to create the widest variety of Latin music genres, including Cumbia, Reggaeton, Mariachi, Merengue, Ska, and many more. In addition to the new Latin Styles, EK-50 CSA also includes the wide range of international Styles and Sounds from the original EK-50, allowing you to cover a wide range of music. EK-50 CSA adds new sounds including trumpets, saxophones, brass, guitar, bass and even specialty instruments such as Sampoña and Charango. With a total of 39 custom drum kits and a complete MIDI GM2 sound set, the EK-50 CSA is a capable instrument no matter where your music takes you.

New styles that focus on popular music from Latin America
New sounds including trumpets, saxophones, brass, guitar, bass and other popular instruments such as Sampoña and Charango
Performance record mode for quick and easy recording
A layout that makes the numerous functions intuitive
Built-in speakers for immediate enjoyment anywhere
Play back favorite songs on the instrument while performing
Refreshed speaker grill color
Add Styles from KORG’s extensive library