Korg Chopin-inspired 88-key Digital Piano, Wood Grain POETRY



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The Piano For Lovers of Chopin. Introducing the KORG Poetry, a one-of-a-kind digital piano featuring two distinct piano tones associated with the legendary Frédéric Chopin. The first piano featured is the PLEYEL, Chopin’s choice of piano, and the second is the contemporary exquisite Italian piano used in the prestigious Chopin Competition held every five years in Warsaw. The PLEYEL tone, originating from the 19th century French piano, is a rare and coveted sound, with very few surviving Pleyel pianos to reference. The KORG Poetry digital piano, equipped with meticulously recorded and loaded high-quality sound samples of a vintage PLEYEL, brings the essence of that era into the contemporary world. Additionally, it offers the convenience of an electronic instrument, eliminating the need for regular tuning or maintenance. Two piano tones to encounter Chopin The KORG Poetry is dedicated to the legendary Frédéric Chopin, a revered musician and celebrated classical composer and pianist who is internationally beloved. Poetry presents a unique opportunity for piano enthusiasts and Chopin lovers worldwide to experience his music in a new and captivating way. Discover the symphony of heritage within Poetry, showcasing two distinguished piano sounds: the 1843 PLEYEL piano, a creation from Chopin’s 33rd year, and the illustrious contemporary Italian concert grand piano, favored by many leading pianists, echoing its prestigious presence in the renowned international Chopin Competition and elsewhere on the global stage. The PLEYEL3 sound features 80 keys that faithfully reflect the original instrument. Setting the pitch of this sound to 430 Hz reproduces the soundscape that resonated in Chopin’s mind, faithfully recreating his vibrant musical world.
Two piano tones to encounter Chopin
Embrace elegance with a stylish exterior adorned by beautiful woodgrains
RH-3 keyboard with a comfortable touch – premium Japanese quality
Half-damper compatible, with three pedals as standard
Instantly record your performance with the two-part song recorder
Features unique to digital pianos, such as a metronome, layers, and partner mode
50 Chopin masterpieces within Poetry