Korg 88-key Synthesizer Workstation, Matte Black KROSS288MB



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Korg has upped the bar on the latest Kross 2 series keyboard, providing incredibly powerful sounds and a feature set to meet the needs of performing players everywhere! The evolved Kross 2 88 expands polyphony from 80 to 120 voices, and dramatically powers-up the number of internal programs from 809 to 1,075 programs. Including multi-layered pianos and electric pianos, thick strings and other new sounds that will work well with any band, as well as the latest drum kits to cover current styles such as EDM. The wide selection of programs covers your needs from live performance to studio production. Built-in expansion PCM memory, and support for optional libraries The KROSS 2 now provides 128 MB of built-in expansion PCM memory. By selecting from optional libraries that will be released following KROSS 2, you can expand KROSS 2’s internal sounds to meet the needs of your performing style or situation. Rich expressive power of the EDS-i sound engine The high-quality EDS-i Enhanced Definition Synthesis-integrated sound engine is inherited from KORG’s professional synthesizers. You can use a total of seven effects units simultaneously: five insert and two master. Rich expressive power is available from the selection of 134 high-quality effects, including standard effects such as delay and reverb as well as amp modeling, vintage effect units, and even a vocoder. Superb sampling function and a pad sampler As a first in its class, the KROSS 2 is newly equipped with a unique sampling function that provides 16 playable pads. You can record the input from the LINE IN jack and assign a stereo sample of up to 14 seconds to each pad. Up to four pads can be triggered simultaneously. You can edit the sample waveform using functions such as start/end loop point settings and normalize, and even resample within the KROSS 2, allowing you to perform extensive sampling without requiring any additional equipment. Long audio files from an SD card can also be assigned to

88 keys NH Natural weighted hammer action
A rich selection of more than 1,000 powered-up presets
The NH keyboard delivers a playing feel similar to that of an acoustic piano, with low notes being heavier and high notes being lighter.
128MB of expansion PCM memory is built-in, and option libraries are supported
The rich expressive power of the EDS-i sound engine, and a rich selection of effects with 134 types
Superb sampling functionality and 16 sampler pads
A panel layout that lets you access functions without confusion
Realtime control section for quick parameter editing
Favorite function lets you register and instantly recall up to 128 frequently-used sounds
Quick layer/split can be specified by a single button
Ultra-lightweight compact body
Long operating life, with six AA batteries allowing up to seven hours of use
A color lineup with a peerless finish that exceeds its class
Audio player/recorder that can be easily triggered by the pads
Sequencer, drum track, and arpeggiator to support your song production
A rich array of input jacks for singer-instrumentalists or vocoder performance without requiring additional equipment
Also functions as a USB audio interface