Arturia 6-Voice Polyphonic Analog Synth POLYBRUTE



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The 6-voice pure analog PolyBrute builds on award-winning technology and sound to deliver the polysynth you’ve been waiting for. PolyBrute has an expansive morphing architecture and a solid, expressive 61-key range that’ll take your sound where no synth has gone before. Evolution of the Brute PolyBrute’s panel has knobs and switches delivering the immediate satisfaction of real-time tactile control over your entire analog domain. Each pure analog voice is a feature-packed sonic power tool featuring two highly versatile Brute waveshaping VCOs, a full-spectrum noise generator, enhanced Steiner multimode filter, custom lowpass ladder filter, 3 LFOs, 3 Envelope Generators, and more. They all meet up in the Matrix to bring you patching flexibility normally reserved for modular systems. Use PolyBrute’s 6 voices polyphonically or in splits and layers – and stack them in Unison mode when you want to peel the paint off the walls. The sum total is an endless palette of sounds rang-ing from beauty to beast. Morph or modulate? Imagine being able to smoothly sweep all parameters at once. PolyBrute goes even further, with each preset existing in two states simultaneously – and a dedicated Morph knob that lets you seamlessly morph between them, revealing an infinite continuum of inspiring new sounds in be-tween. Great-feeling pitch and multifunction wheels provide familiar expressivity, with the flexibility of parameter assignment. There’s even an assignable touch-sensitive strip immediately above the keyboard ready for you to slip, slide and tap. Arguably at the heart of this expressive performabil-ity is the Morphée three-dimensional touchpad. This revolutionary feature offers 3-axis control over patch morphing, sequence/arpeggiator randomization, or up to 32 assigned Matrix modula-tions per axis – adding a unique human touch. Finally, PolyBrute is supercharged with expansive modulation functions.
6-voice analog morphing polysynth
61-note velocity/pressure-sensitive keyboard
2 Brute waveshaping oscillators per voice
Noise generator ranging from red to white noise
Dual filter design: Steiner multimode and Dr. Bob Moog’s 24db Ladder
Master filter control and filter FM
3 LFOs and 3 Envelope Generators
Matrix interface for modulation, sequencing, and preset control
64 Matrix points for modular-style patching
Each preset has 2 states, seamlessly blended with the Morph control
Split or layer the keybed with the morphable sonic states
Select Poly, Mono, or Unison modes for the keyboard
Revolutionary 3-axis Morphée controller for real-time tactile expression
Assignable ribbon controller above keybed
Pitch wheel and assignable multi-function mod wheel
64-step sequencer with motion recorder and automation
Multi-mode complex arpeggiator
Built-in stereo digital effects including reverb, chorus, and delay
Left and right unbalanced 1/4″ output jacks
MIDI In, Out and Thru DIN connectivity, plus USB MIDI
PolyBrute Connect software for Mac/PC for easy library and workflow management
Optional wooden legs extra