TC Electronics Desktop Konnekt 6 FireWire Audio Interface & Monitor Control



TC Electronics Desktop Konnekt 6 FireWire Audio Interface & Monitor Control




*display model. A few scratches

Desktop Konnekt 6 gives you high-quality recording features in a desktop design that allows you to focus on performance rather than technology.

In short, Desktop Konnekt 6 has all the features you need to instantly record instruments and vocals into your Mac or PC.

The Desktop Konnekt 6 audio interface features a choice of monitor controls right at hand.

Big Volume Knob

The volume control is the knob you use all the time. Therefore it is great that it sits right where you want it: Always within reach. With a volume control independent from the computer – between your computer and your speakers – you can always turn down the volume, no matter what your computer does.

Direct Monitor Mix

Use the Direct Monitor knob to control the monitor level directly from the top panel of Desktop Konnekt 6. Together with the Dim switch and the Mono switch all the functions you need are right at hand.


With the Scene switch you can easily access three independent configurations of your Desktop Konnekt 6. The three default presets are for set up for a microphone and a guitar, two guitars or basses and a stereo line signal respectively.

Reverb for Tracking

For monitoring convenience, the M40 Studio Reverb is available as part of your monitor mix.

You can control the reverb level directly from the top panel of Desktop Konnekt 6, and you can set reverb parameters using the control panel on the computer.

High Resolution Meter

The high resolution meter gives you precise information about levels. With clear level indication, you can always monitor the level of the input signal and if you`re near clipping. You can also use the meter for mastering purposes.

Control Panel

The control panel gives you full control over your monitor mix, including the M40 Studio Reverb.

Inputs and Outputs

When it comes to quality of the I/O section, Desktop Konnekt 6 has no compromises and matches its big brother in the Konnekt range.

TC is renowned for its mic preamps, notably ranking among the finest mic preamps on the market. Desktop Konnekt comes with an IMPACT preamp, making the recording of a vocal or instrument pure joy.


The headphone output has its own powerful amplifier and a separate converter, which makes you able to assign separate mix signal independent from what you hear in your monitor speakers.

Hi-Z Guitar and Line Inputs

Equipped with the same instrument inputs used in TC`s high-end guitar processors, Desktop Konnekt offers studio quality guitar recordings. These two hi impedance inputs will surely match the quality of your guitar, maintaining the tone and sound on the recording.

Balanced Outputs

The two balanced outputs match any powered or non-powered speaker monitors.

M40 Studio Reverb

Included is the M40 Studio Reverb, a simple to use, great sounding reverb that is powered by AlgoFlex – a new high definition TC technology that enables hardware quality and predictability to be ported to native software.

Hall, Room and Plate

M40 Studio Reverb features three main reverb algorithms. The Hall algorithm emulates a large hall with a broad and warm reverb. Room emulates a small and well-furnished room with an intimate ambience and, going back in time, the Plate algorithm emulates the large metallic plates which were used to create reverbs before digital signal processing was commonplace.

Part of Monitor Signal Path

It is available for tracking to increase the recording comfort without recording the effect to the final take, operated by the control panel and the reverb knob on the top panel of Desktop Konnekt 6.

VST and Audio Units

Beside being part of the monitor mix, the M40 Studio Reverb is also available as a natively running VST/AU plug-in, allowing you to use it as part of your recording session in your PC or Mac..