Primacoustic W-FOAM Panels



Primacoustic W-FOAM Panels


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Primafoam components are constructed from high-density (1.8lbs per cubic foot 28.83 kg/m3), open cell acoustical foam. The components are assembled into problem-solving wall systems that offer effective acoustical control over a wide bandwidth for small rooms (from 100 to 160 sq./ft or 9 to 14 sq./m).

Primafoam are flexible absorbers that can be arranged in blocks or placed randomly to produce Soft Diffusion™ effect.

All Primafoam products are presented in UV resistant dark charcoal grey and embedded with fire retardant to meet the stringent California C117 safety code for safe home installation.

Size: 24″ x 40″

(61 x 101 cm)


6.6 sq-ft per panel

(.61 sq-meters)

Colour: Charcoal

Order Number: Z820-1024

Thickness: 2″

(5 cm)

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