Yamaha S15 Two Way Passive Speaker System w/ BWS20-190 Wall Mounts (pair)



Yamaha S15 Two Way Passive Speaker System w/ BWS20190 Wall Mounts (pair)




Compact, High-Density Two-Way Speaker Packs Cutting-Edge Technology Into Wedge Form

Advanced two-way design that rivals high-end monitors, featuring a titanium dome tweeter and a cone woofer. The S15 delivers well-defined highs and ample lows that are surprising for its size, with a natural tonal character that will not cause listening fatigue. Rich, well-balanced sound, even at low volume.

A two-system that rivals high-end monitors in performance. A 3-layer finish gives this installation speaker a classy feel as well as extended durability.

– Frequency Response 65 ~ 40 KHz

– Power Capacity 40 W (Noise) 80W (PGM) 160W (Max)

– Impedance 6 ohms

– Sensitivity 88 dB/W/m

– Speaker Components LF:5 Cone HF:1″ Horn

– Cross Over Frequency 3.5 KHz

– Protection Circuit Yes (H.F)

– Dimensions (W x H x D) 241mm x 160mm x 145mm