Yamaha EMX660 6-Channel Powered Mixer with DFX (pre-owned)



Yamaha EMX660 6-Channel Powered Mixer with DFX (pre-owned)


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The EMX660 provides lots of power and features required by musicians. Great for duos and trios, it can easily fill a small club with great full range sound.

Input Section
With 6 channels that accept either XLR or 1/4″ inputs, and 2 inputs that accept Super Hi-Z inputs for acoustic guitars and other instrument pickups, any microphone or other input can be accommodated. There is also a set of tape inputs that accept RCA plugs from a CD player or cassette deck.

Digital Reverb
The EMX660 uses a new, high-quality DSP processor. This device provides 8 effect types specifically designed for live applications, with easy adjustment. The effect can then be sent to the main mix as well as to the monitors, allowing the performer to hear.

Built-In Graphic Equalizer
Both the main and monitor outputs provide 7-band graphic EQ. This allows the user to shape the sound of the main speakers, and to help to control feedback in the monitors.

600 Watts of Power
The EMX660 has two 300-watt amplifiers. These amplifiers use Yamaha’s patented EEEngine technology, providing lighter weight and, equally important, cooler operation. The amplifiers are protected from damage by built-in limiters that will also protect the connected speakers.

Features and Technology
Lo-Z Input Jack: Lo-Z input jack allows direct connection of microphones with pro-style XLR connectors.

Hi-Z Input Jack: Hi-Z input jack enables the direct connection of high level sources (items that have internal amplification) like keyboards, drum machines, and CD players

Pad Switch: Pad switch decreases the input sensitivity for extra loud sources (i.e. screaming singers, shouting speakers, or high output microphones).

Level Control: Level control manages the input volume.

Effect Level Control: Effect level control adjusts the amount of signal sent to the main effect section of the mixer.

Mon. Level Control: Mon. level control controls the volume sent to the monitor output.

Channel EQ Section: Channel EQ section includes 3 controls to tailor the sound of the input.

Digital Effect: Digital Effect provides a high-quality DSP effect that’s applied to the main output.

7-band Graphic EQ: 7-band graphic EQ customizes the sound for the monitor output.

Phantom Switch: Phantom switch activates power that is sent to the Lo-Z inputs. Phantom power is used for condenser microphones that have small internal amplifiers that require power in order to produce sound.

Monitor Master Level: Master level adjusts the output to the monitors.

Tape In (tape jacks): Tape in controls the amount of signal from the tape in jacks to the monitors (great for rehearsals).

Effect Return (monitor output): Effect return controls the amount of effect sent to the monitor output. This useful control allows the performer(s) to hear the benefits of the effect as well as the audience.

Limiter LEDs: Limiter LEDs indicate when the internal amplifiers are being overworked. This warning signal helps to prevent damage to your speakers.

Amplifier Routing Switch: Amplifier routing switch allows both amplifiers to be used for the main output.

Main Output Master Level Controls: Master level controls the level of the main output.

Tape In (Main Output): Tape IN controls the volume of the input at the tape in jack and mixes it in the main output.

Monitor Out Jack: Monitor out jack connects an external amplifier to power stage monitors.

Main Output (into existing sound systems): Main output permits connection into existing sound systems, or to additional amplifiers for larger audiences.

Aux In (Aux In jacks): Aux In controls the level of the signal coming into the Aux In jacks (23).

Tape In (tape player or CD player): TAPE IN accepts a tape player or CD player and routes them directly to the main output.

Aux In (output from another mixer): AUX in brings the output from another mixer into the EMX660 without tying up other inputs.

Aux In Level: AUX in level controls the volume of any source connected to the AUX in jack.

7-band Graphic EQ: 7-band graphic EQ customizes the sound for the monitor output.

Effect Return (main output): Effect return adjusts the amount of effect that is sent to the main output.

Foot SW Jack: Foot SW jack allows the use of a footswitch to mute the effect.

Effect Out Jack: Effect out jack sends the signal out to an external effects processor.