Entertainer`s Secret Throat Spray


Entertainer`s Secret Throat Spray


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Entertainer`s Secret Throat Relief is a throat spray formulated to resemble natural mucosal secretions

and designed to moisturize, humidify and lubricate the mucous membranes of the throat and larynx.


Discomfort seldom improves performance. When sprayed orally or nasally into the throat, it adjusts the thickness and flow of the mucus in the sinuses and the passageways of the nose and throat. Introduction of this solution helps mend the discomfort of a dry, sore, scratchy throat and the annoyance of a hoarse tired voice – and works to prevent further occurrences. The nose and throat not only moisturize incoming air but they also serve as filtering mechanisms. Tiny hairs in the nose called cilia are constantly moving back and forth. They sweep away particulate matter – such as dust, smoke or other pollutants – so it can`t enter the lungs. A moist passageway, lined with sticky mucus is a much more efficient filter than a dry one devoid of mucus.Entertainer`s Secret is to dry throat and hoarse voice what lip balms are for chapped lips or what hand lotions are for skin that has become irritated or chapped due to exposure to detergents, solvents or chemicals.

It is not a medication or a “cure” but it can help relieve throat and voice problems when dryness is a contributing factor.


Entertainer`s Secret is formulated to resemble natural secretions. Sodium carboxymethylcellulose, aloe vera gel and glycerin – each a proxy for a naturally secreted type of mucus (globular, strand and sheet) – are blended into a buffered, aqueous hypertonic solution. Unlike some other sore throat remedies, it does NOT contain numbing anesthetics, alcohol, antiseptics, analgesics, antihistamines, decongestants, anti-inflammatory agents or any other “medicinal” ingredient that can produce unwanted side effects. The improved honey-apple flavor imparts a pleasant mellow taste.


Allergy and sinus complaints often involve congestion and discomfort because of very thick mucus.

Spraying Entertainer`s Secret helps to thin out or make this material less viscous. This lets the mucus flow as it should which keeps the underlying membranes moist and healthy. Although Entertainer`s Secret Throat Relief is not a specific remedy for these problems, it can reduce the symptoms of discomfort.


A great number of household names from the performing arts and singers from pop music to country & western to gospel to opera and Broadway Stage and TV actors – have found Entertainer`s Secret Throat Spray beneficial. Photos from satisfied purchasers such as Jon BonJovi, Lyle Lovett, Jerry Lewis, Glen Close, Alan Campbell, Tom Petty, Debbie Gibson, Wynonna Judd, Pat Summerall, Brooke Shields, Barry Manilow and many others adorn our walls.

Numbers don`t lie.

The singers coming to my store choose Entertainer`s Secret

7 times more than the leading throat spray!

-Scott Rabb, www.thecentralspot.com


While we are flattered to number many famous people among our customers, we are equally pleased that it has been helpful to hundreds of teachers of many different subjects at every academic level, choir members, salespersons, members of the clergy, and business and professional people all around the world. Anybody who relies on their voice for work or fun should have a bottle in their medicine chest, supply cabinet, briefcase, car or desk alongside other personal care products. It`s a very inexpensive way to insure your very best vocal quality. At one point it was a “secret” for people in the entertainment field, not anymore!

For anybody who vocalizes

– teachers, speakers and especially singers-

here`s a tip from voice professionals:

Always drink plenty of water to achieve and maintain systemic hydration. This helps deliver moisture to the dry sensitive membranes in the vocal apparatus “from the inside out”. And also spray Entertainer`s Secret in to your throat, via the mouth and the nostrils, to supplement re-hydration of the area “from the outside in”. If you get that part of the anatomy nice and moist, discomfort and vocal distortion often can be remedied and if you keep it that way, you can prevent a lot of unpleasantness from recurring.

Entertainer`s Secret Throat Spray resulted from a collaborative effort of KLI CORP and a Nashville TN otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat specialist), Richard Quisling, MD, whose practice includes many singers and entertainers.

When these professionals` voices are at less than their best, careers and very livelihoods are at risk. Our goal was to develop a product which could protect the vocal apparatus and restore and maintain voice quality and comfort without doing harm. After trying various ratios of a number of different ingredients, the final formulation of the product now known as Entertainer`s Secret Throat Relief evolved. Once subsequent testing found it to be safe and effective, it was registered as a medical device by the FDA in the United States. The first sales took place in 1984 and it originally was called Moi-Stir 10..