Yamaha EZ-300 61-Key Touch-Sensitive Portable Keyboard with Lighted Keys (White)


Yamaha EZ-300 61-Key Touch-Sensitive Portable Keyboard with Lighted Keys (White)


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Yamaha EZ300 Overview

The white Yamaha EZ-300 is a portable keyboard packed with fun tools that make learning to play exceptionally EZ for beginners. It features keys that light up to show which note to press next, allowing you to build confidence by playing along with built-in songs and lessons. You can also use the Keys to Success system to practice and learn songs at your own pace, even if you don’t know how to read music.

The EZ-300 is equipped with 61 full-size keys with touch sensitivity that adds musical expressivity to your melodies, sensing hard and soft playing and matching the dynamics of each key stroke. It offers 622 high-quality instrument sounds including strings, guitars, brass, saxophones, and drums—some with Super Articulation Lite technology to reproduce the unique nuances heard when playing acoustic instruments. A dedicated button lets you quickly switch to a rich Grand Piano sound. A host of DSP effects let you sweeten your sound with reverb, chorusing, and more.

There are 205 auto-accompaniment styles with a backing band capable of playing in a wide variety of musical genres such as pop, rock, jazz, dance, Latin, and world music to name a few. Smart Chord technology allows you to play complex chord voicings with just one finger, while the Arpeggio function further expands the keyboard’s versatility. Jam with the band and use the 2-track song recorder to capture your performance and play it back later.

The Keys to Success mode includes learning techniques to help you learn how to play the 202 built-in songs—each with its own digital score. You can select just the key phrases of the song and practice them one by one. The three-part lesson functions make learning easier by breaking performances down into left- and right-hand parts and then putting them together. Chord progression lessons are onboard, while the Touch Tutor lesson mode tracks how hard you hit the keys, reinforcing proper dynamics technique. Duo Mode can be engaged to split the keyboard in half, a smart and practical way to play with a partner or for one person to teach another how to play.

A built-in speaker system delivers a clear sound, while the headphone output provides for private practice or playing. The 3.5mm aux input lets you connect your phone/tablet or music player and play along with your favorite songs. You can also use the Melody-Suppressor function to practice the melody part along with the audio playback.

The EZ-300 USB to Host port enables you to send USB MIDI and USB audio signals straight into your computer/DAW or smartphone for recording your music and performances.

Compact and lightweight, the EZ-300 is incredibly portable. It runs up to 5 hours on 6 AA batteries or can be powered from a PA-130 AC adapter (batteries and adapter available separately).

Smart Features that Make Learning to Play EZ and Fun
  • 61 lighted keys with touch sensitivity allow for dynamic playing
  • The keys light up to show the correct notes—making it easy to learn how to play
  • Onboard stereo speakers and headphone jack
  • Packed with 622 instrument sounds including strings, guitars, brass, drums, piano, and more
  • Super Articulation Lite technology reproduce the natural expressive nuances of non-keyboard instruments like breath sounds on wind instruments or the body slap on an acoustic guitar
  • Dedicated button brings up the rich sound of a stereo grand piano
  • Touch Tutor lesson mode tracks the velocity or strength by which the keys are played in order to teach dynamics
  • Keys to Success lesson mode helps you to learn songs one step at a time at your own pace
  • Includes the popular Yamaha Education Suite interactive music learning system and chord dictionary
  • Smart Chord lets you play great-sounding chords from simple Pop triads to complex jazz 7th chords with one or just a few fingers
  • Arpeggio function transforms the chords you play into a variety of musical phrases and rhythms
  • Accompaniment Styles add a backing band to your performances, while you remain in complete control of chord changes and arrangements
  • 205 preset styles and 202 songs from various musical genres
  • Duo mode allows for duet performances or for a teacher and student to practice together in classroom settings
  • 2-track recorder to record your performance with a single button press and quickly check the results of your practicing
  • Crystal-clear, backlit LCD display makes it easy to read in any light condition, indoors or outdoors
  • USB MIDI and USB audio to connect to your computer, Apple iPad, or mobile device
  • Downloadable Song Book includes the musical scores of the built-in songs and provides tips for the onboard lessons with images, glossary, and more
  • Elegant silver-white finish enhances any interior
  • Powered by six AA batteries for up to 5 hours
  • Optional PA-130 power adapter available separately
A Wide Variety of Built-In Songs to Learn and Enjoy

The EZ-300 offers 202 songs in a wide variety of genres for you to play along with and learn—and even features a selection of modern hits including:

  • Perfect (Ed Sheeran)
  • Treasure (Bruno Mars / Ari Levine / Philip Lawrence / Fredrick Brown / Thibaut Berland / Christopher Acito)
  • Something Just Like This (Andrew Taggart / Chris Martin / Guy Berryman / Jonny Buckland / Will Champion)
  • Viva La Vida (Guy Berryman / Jon Buckland / Will Champion / Chris Martin)
  • Bad Romance (Stefani Germanotta / Nadir Khayat)
  • Shape Of You (Ed Sheeran / Kevin Briggs / Kandi Burruss / Tameka Cottle / Steve Mac / Johnny McDaid)
  • Duele El Corazon (Enrique Iglesias / M. Hasibur Rahman / Francisco Saldana / Juan Luis Morera / Servando Moriche Primera / Mussett / Patrick Ingunza / Silverio Ramon / Lozada Schwarck)
  • Happy (Pharrell Williams)
  • It’s My Life (Jon Bon Jovi / Martin Sandberg / Richie Sambora)
  • Viva La Vida (Guy Berryman / Jon Buckland / Will Champion / Chris Martin)
  • Titanium (David Guetta / Sia Furler / Giorgio Tuinfort / Nick Van De Wall)