LAG Guitars SAUVAGE-DCE Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic/Electric Guitar


The Lâg Sauvage-DCE represents the culmination of design innovation and environmental stewardship. Its dreadnought cutaway shape delivers a robust sound and comfortable playing experience, amplified by the sophisticated StageLâg preamp system, and beautifully complemented by the consistent aesthetics and craftsmanship that define Lâg Guitars.


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Lâg Sauvage-DCE Dreadnought Cutaway Electro Acoustic Guitar

The Lâg Sauvage-DCE is a dreadnought cutaway electro acoustic marvel that continues Lâg’s tradition of crafting beautiful and innovative guitars. With its StageLâg preamp system and unique design, the Sauvage-DCE offers exceptional playability and a rich tone. The eco-friendly certified BrankoWood and eco-friendly varnishing process manifest the brand’s commitment to sustainability, while the rough sawn look and rounded back reflect a robust and adventurous spirit.

The Lâg Sauvage-DCE dreadnought cutaway electro acoustic guitar is an innovative fusion of tradition and modernity. Its sleek design and powerful StageLâg preamp system offer unparalleled playability and sound quality.

Eco-Friendly Craftsmanship

Utilizing eco-friendly certified BrankoWood and an eco-friendly varnishing process, the Sauvage-DCE represents a blend of aesthetic excellence and environmental consciousness.

StageLâg Preamp System

The Sauvage-DCE is equipped with the advanced StageLâg preamp system, offering controls for Volume, Low, Middle, High, Phase, Notch, and a tuner. It ensures precise sound adjustment and a rich, vibrant acoustic experience.

Aesthetic Excellence

Mirroring the iconic Lâg headstock design on the bridge and featuring black machine heads, the Sauvage-DCE achieves an elegant symmetry. The rough sawn look on the back and sides, along with a light oil finish on BrankoWood components, add character and grace.

Playability & Comfort

The dreadnought cutaway shape, combined with quarter round body bindings, enhances playability and comfort. The graphite nut & saddle provide stability and quality in playing experience.

Sauvage Legacy

The Lâg Sauvage-DCE is more than a guitar; it’s a rugged musical companion that comes with a sturdy gig bag, ready for the open road. With its unique combination of aesthetic beauty, technological sophistication, and robust design, it captures the essence of the Lâg brand.



Top: Pale Brankowood
Back&Sides: Smoked Eucalyptus Rough Sawn Finish
Bridge: Black Brankowood
Bracing: X
Colours: Natural wood
Cutaway: Yes


Neck: Khaya
Fingerboard: Black Brankowood
Radius: 350 mm
Truss Rod: Double-action
Nbrs of frets: 20
Types of frets: Medium Silver Nickel
Nut Width: 43 mm
Nut: Black graphite wedge / 72 mm & 43 mm
Scale (mm): 650 mm


Electronics: Stage Lâg (Volume, égaliseur 3-bandes, accordeur, phase, notch)
Original Strings: Bronze 80/20 Light 12-53
Cover/case: Padded cover included