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Quantum Amp Modeling, UltraRes™ Cab Sims, and FractalQuality Effects

The new AX8 is an allinone Amp Modeler + MultiEffects Pedalboard Processor. It features many of the same leadingedge techn


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Quantum Amp Modeling, Ultra-Res™ Cab Sims, and Fractal-Quality Effects

The new AX8 is an all-in-one Amp Modeler + Multi-Effects Pedalboard Processor. It features many of the same leading-edge technologies utilized in our flagship Axe-Fx II processor, now offered in a floor unit at a fantastic price. Quantum Amp Modeling gives the AX8 over 222 exquisitely modeled amps that recreate the incredible nuanced tone and feel of real tube amps: sparkling cleans, elusive `edge of breakup` tones, and everything from warm, touch-sensitive overdrive to face-melting distortion. Ultra-Res™ Speaker Simulations offer a range of cab tones, with 130+ `Factory` cabs, plus 512 `User Cab` memory slots to store entries from our celebrated Cab Packs. Add to this a stunning selection of effects utilizing our state-of-the-art algorithms: G3™ drive pedals, HD reverbs, compressors, delays, EQs, choruses, phasers, flangers, rotary, tremolos, pitch shifting, wah, and many more. Above all, the AX8 sounds great, with a pristine, high-quality signal path and the signal processing power that makes Fractal Audio Systems the industry standard for today`s most discriminating professional guitarists.

The AX8 is `built-like-a-tank` to be road-worthy and reliable. It sports a signature black steel chassis and aircraft aluminum end-panels, a convenient top handle/guard, and eleven quiet, durable, solid-state stomp switches with no mechanical contacts to fail.

Hands-on editing has never been easier than on the AX8. Dedicated LED-ring knobs give direct access to eight `must-have` amp controls: Drive, Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence, Depth, Master, and Level. Add to this five additional `soft knobs` beneath a brilliant LCD display, six buttons, including SHIFT for extra functions, front-panel LED meters/indicators, 27 LEDs in three colors, and dedicated knobs for output levels.

The back panel contains an instrument input with Fractal Audio`s signature `Secret Sauce` circuitry, stereo main outputs with XLR, 1/4″ Humbuster™, and SPDIF out, plus a stereo-in/stereo-out effects loop that can also be repurposed as a utility input or output. This allows the AX8 to output `cab sim` signal to `front of house` while simultaneously addressing a power amp and conventional guitar speakers for on-stage `backline`. USB, MIDI IN, and MIDI OUT ports round out the set. Above all, the AX8 features an extremely high-quality signal path to deliver ultra-low noise and pristine sound.

Quantum Amp Modeling + Ultra-Res Speaker Simulation

The AX8 features over 222 Quantum amp models utilizing the same industry leading amp modeling technology as our flagship Axe-Fx II. Fractal`s amp modeling sets the industry standard against which all others are measured, and is backed by the endorsement of many of the world`s greatest musicians across all genres of music. Only Fractal offers Ultra-Res™ Speaker Cab simulations for enhanced IR performance without intolerable latency. The AX8 is also compatible with our entire library of Cab-Packs.

Exquisite Effects

Fractal Audio is just as well-known for effects as it is for amp modeling, with a long list of incredible names standing behind our `no compromises` effects technology. The effects of the AX8 use the same core technology and algorithms as those of the Axe-Fx II. An impressive number of effects are included, with what we believe to be the complete package needed by the majority of professional players in the ultimate `grab-and-go` unit.


-All of the amp models from the Axe-Fx II

-Hundreds of Speaker Cab Sims

-29+ Drive Pedal models

-Dozens of Delays

-19 Reverb types

-Totally customizable Wah

-Highly customizable Whammy

-Fixed and Intelligent Harmony

-Shimmer, Crystals, etc.

-Phaser & Uni-Vibe

-Flanger, Chorus


-Rotary Speaker

-7 powerful Filter types

-Graphic & Parametric EQs

-4 Compressor types


-Front-end Noise Gate

-Mono Guitar Synth

-Built in Looper

-New `true` Tape Echo

-And more…

The effects in the AX8 offer `XY` switching, giving each effect two completely different sound settings from a single block instance. For example, you might equip an AMP block with discreet `Deluxe Tweed` and `Plexi 50W` channels, or toggle a reverb between `spring` and `hall` sounds.

The AX8 gives you traditional `instant access` effects switching using the eight main footswitches, while three assignable `Function` footswitches let you change modes or access other features.

There are 512 preset memory slots, with each preset featuring our now-familiar `4×12` layout grid and eight easy-access `SCENES` per preset to engage pre-defined groups of effects, switch XY states, adjust levels, and more.

Our fantastically flexible `modifier` system enables easy, real-time sound changes. You can plug four external switches or expression pedals (like the Fractal EV-1) into the onboard jacks to control Wah, Whammy, Volume, or virtually anything else, or utilize MIDI or onboard controllers to make sound changes.

A precision, full-screen tuner, two global equalizers, and a convenient Tap Tempo function are also built-in. AX8-EDIT, a full-featured software editor, is included free.

The AX8 is fully compatible with Fractal-Bot for preset sharing, easy backup and restore. The unit`s firmware is upgradeable and although it has now reached end of life, owners enjoyed many updates during a long run – including a recent update with improvements borrowed from the newer Axe-Fx III processor.

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