Yamaha Stage Custom Bop 3-Piece Shell Pack – 18/14FT/12, Cranberry Red



Yamaha Stage Custom Bop 3Piece Shell Pack, Cranberry Red Finish, Yamaha Model SBP8F3 CR.


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Yamaha Stage Custom Bop 3-Piece Shell Pack, Cranberry Red Finish, Yamaha Model SBP8F3 CR.

The Stage Custom Bop shell pack is ideal for jazz, light session work, and performances in small venues. It features coated heads on both the tom tom and floor tom and a compact 18″ bass drum. Yamaha`s Enhanced Sustain System minimized contact of the hardware with the nodal point of the toms, allowing their 6-ply, all-birch shells to resonate freely. The CL945LB bass drum mounted ball mount and clamp holds the tom tom in place with an ultra-hard resin ball and titanium wing bolt, offering non-slip positioning at any angle and permitting easy access to the bottom head for tuning.

100% Birch shells

Die-cast claw hooks with rubber insertion plates

Bass drum legs with rotation stoppers

Ball mount and clamp for infinite tom positioning

YESS tom mounting system

High-gloss lacquer finish


15″ x 18″ Bass Drum (SBB1815)

13″ x 14″ Floor Tom (SBF1413)

8″ x 12″ Tom Tom (SBT1208)

Tom Holder (CL945LB)

Does Not Include Snare Drum, Hardware, Cymbals, Throne, Kick Pedal


UPC 889025108225

Country of Origin China

Model SBP8F3 CR

Shell Birch, 6-Ply / 6 mm Toms, 7-Ply / 7 mm

Configuration 18″ BD, 14″ FT, 12″ TT

Bass Drum 15″ x 18″

Toms 13″ x 14″ FT, 8″ x 12″ TT

Snare Sold Separately

Bearing Edge 45-Degree

Rim Steel

Lugs Separate Lug

Heads Remo

Mounting System Bass Drum Mounted

Hardware Sold Separately

Cymbals Sold Separately

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