Pearl DMP925SP/C261 Decade Maple 5-piece Shell Pack – Gloss Deep Red Burst



100% maple shells are the industry standard


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*** Hardware and Cymbals Not Included ***
100% maple shells are the industry standard
Maple has long been a favorite shell wood of both drum manufacturers and players. Its boosted low end and smooth mids and highs are suited for just about any style of music. This is why you`ll see maple drums in the hands of today`s most in-demand players, studios, and drummakers. Pearl`s Decade Maple shells are built from six thin plies of maple, with hand-treated bearing edges to ensure you get the same performance as kits costing several times more.
Shell and hardware are built tough and toneful
The attention to detail put into Pearl`s Decade Maple series far surpasses its rock-bottom price point. The thin 5.4mm shells are built with Pearl`s SST technology with overlapping scarf-joint seams and proprietary AcoustiGlue. Both the interiors of the shells and the bearing edges are hand treated. And the Reference-inspired Mini-Lugs, Opti-Loc suspension mounts, and UniLock gearless tom arms are all built to tour-ready spec. Whether you`re just starting your drumming career or looking for an affordable kit to tour with, Sweetwater drummers stand behind the Pearl Decade Maple shell pack.
A great deal on a set of 100% maple drums
Makes a great intermediate kit and a solid touring option
Shell sizes (depth x diameter): 7″ x 10″ and 8″ x 12″ toms, 16″ x 16″ floor tom, 18″ x 22″ bass drum, 5″ x 14″ snare
6-ply, 5.4mm SST (Superior Shell Technology) construction yields a tough and toneful drum
Mini-lugs inspired by Pearl`s Reference series
Opti-Loc suspension mounts included
Hand-treated shell interiors and bearing edges
Includes two TH900 tom holders

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