HeadRush FRFR-112 MKII Lightweight 2000-Watt Full-Range, Flat-Response Powered Cabinet


HeadRush FRFR-112 Lightweight 2000-Watt Full-Range, Flat-Response Powered Cabinet



The HeadRush FRFR-112 MKII is a lightweight 2000-watt full-range, flat-response powered cabinet that perfectly complements your HeadRush Pedalboard, Gigboard, or any other multi-FX/amp modeler to give you a realistic room-filling sound with the authentic feel of a speaker pushing air. We built the HeadRush FRFR-112 just for you, the discerning guitarist/bassist. That’s why we focused on the key features you demand.

FRFR-112 MKII Features

  • Specially-voiced 12-inch woofer and high-frequency compression driver
  • 2000 watts of peak power
  • (2) XLR/TRS 1/4-inch combo inputs
  • Independent volume controls and clip indicator per input
  • Contour EQ switch
  • Ground-Lift switch
  • XLR output for FOH or additional FRFR-112 MKII cabs
  • Lightweight and flexible tilt-back cabinet design
  • Cabinet can be pole-mounted

Surgically Tuned, Masterfully Voiced

The FRFR-112 MKII delivers extraordinary acoustic accuracy and high SPL (sound pressure levels), to ensure that the music is projected with the utmost clarity and with exactly the tonal character that the musician intended.

Its specially-voiced 12-inch woofer and high-frequency compression driver deliver a precise, full response across the entire frequency range, without any artificial coloration—which is absolutely critical to conveying the artist’s intent. The FRFR-112’s max 127dB SPL and 46-22kHz frequency range are proof of its truly exceptional performance.

Powerful, portable and gig-ready!

Delivering 2000 Watts from a lightweight cabinet

In addition to the great acoustic/electrical performance, the FRFR-112 MKII is easy to transport, at just under 36 lbs. It also features a trapezoidal-shaped cabinet and pole-mount socket for placement versatility and a full-length perforated steel grille for maximum driver protection. The FRFR-112 MKII also features 5 handles to provide easy carrying from any side so it’s easy to get from the car to the stage.

All the connections you need

The FRFR-112 MKII slides helpfully into a musicians current setup, being easy to transport and able to deliver an artists performance clearly and accurately. Combining (2) XLR/TRS 1/4-inch combo inputs, XLR output, ground lift switch and Contour EQ switch with independent volume controls per channel input, the FRFR-112 MKII integrates with existing equipment and opens up a world of new sonic possibilities.