Mesa Boogie Stiletto Deuce-Stage II All-Tube Amplifier Head (used)


The Mesa/Boogie Stiletto Deuce-Stage II tube amplifier head gives you the power and functionality you expect from a Boogie amp and adds a distinctly British accent!


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You get two independent channels that take your guitar tone from chiming clean to grainy to crunchy, and, finally, all the way to singing sustain — you get a total six modes to choose from. The 100-watt Stiletto Deuce-Stage II head also lets you choose how tight (modern) or loose (vintage) the amp’s response will be on each channel. Take any stage with the powerful British-inspired voice of the Stiletto Deuce-Stage II!


Mesa/Boogie Stiletto Deuce-Stage II 100-watt, 2-channel Tube Amplifier Head at a Glance:

  • Brit-based tones from a versatile modern amp head
  • Dial up Channel 1 for clean to crunch
  • Move on to high-gain, Brit-voiced tones
  • Dial in the amp response that suits you

Brit-based tones from a versatile modern amp head
Mesa/Boogie applies their singular approach to tonal bliss to a British-voiced amp with the Stiletto Deuce-Stage II. This head gives you the tonality to cut through any live or studio mix —. and sound great doing it. From sparkling cleans to classic Brit crunch to singing high gain, Mesa’s goal was to redefine the EL34-driven sound and elevate it beyond the limits of previous boundaries — just like the Rectos did to 6L6s!

Dial up Channel 1 for clean to crunch
This amp head lets you go from crystalline to grinding crunch to single-note sustaining lead lines, imparting British character to a versatile amp head that’s all Boogie. This mid-focused footprint compliments a Recto perfectly in an aggressive two-guitar band, allowing each player to carve out a distinctive region and own it. Channel 1 offers two traditional-gain Clean choices, the blooming sweetness of Fat and the urgent focus of Tite or, choose the mid-gain authority of Crunch for grinding rhythm sounds. This channel offers so many great sounds that alone, Channel 1 would be an amazing amplifier!

Move on to high-gain, Brit-voiced tones
Equipped with a clone of Channel 1’s Crunch mode plus two different high-gain modes, Channel 2 continues the ride the first channel started. Its Tite-Gain focuses attack, while slices like a blade with focused mid attack and howling sustain, while Fluid-Drive adds layers of thick, rich harmonics that spread wide for the definitive solo voice or an ultimate modern grind. Either way you play it, the Stiletto takes EL34 expression to a new realm.
The two preamp channels create a mighty 6-mode platform while making it easy to dial in great tones.

Dial in the amp response that suits you
This amp doesn’t just stop with a huge array of tweakable tones, however. Mesa applied the same attention to detail to the amp’s response and dynamics. A Switchable Rectifier feature allows you to tune the power supply for the feeling that best suits your style — tube for a vintage-inspired sag, or silicon diodes for tight tracking punch and authority. Bold/Spongy Power located on the main AC power switch provides a reduced line voltage setting for additional power sag and enhanced top end harmonic content.
Its front panel location allows for on-the-fly selection of incoming line voltage with the full 117 volts for headroom and authority, or a reduced voltage setting (like a built-in Variac) for a vintage-inspired “brown” vibe.

Mesa/Boogie Stiletto Deuce-Stage II 100-watt, 2-channel Tube Amplifier Head Features:

  • Handbuilt in Petaluma, California
  • Multi-Watt, Channel-assignable power amp allows you to assign either two or all four EL-34 power tubes to each channel for power ratings of 50 or 100 watts of Class A/B power via independent 50/100-watt power switches
  • Tube complement: 4xEL-34, 5x12AX7, 2x5U4
  • Fixed Bias for consistent, maintenance free performance
  • Two fully independent channels with six modes: Channel 1 = Fat Clean, Tite Clean or Crunch (Cloning Channel 2); Channel 2 = Crunch, Tite Gain or Fluid Drive
  • Channel-assignable dual rectification with Recto Tracking (Diode or Tube Tracking)
  • Independent gain, treble, mid, bass, presence, and master controls per channel
  • Bold/spongy “Variac” switch
  • Output Level Control (over all channels when activated)
  • Footswitchable Solo Level Control (over all channels when activated)
  • All-tube effects loop with Send Level Control (over all channels when activated)
  • “Hard” bypass switch that removes effects loop, Output Level and Solo Level Controls from signal path
  • Slave out with level control
  • External switching jacks for channels 1, 2, and Solo
  • Chrome chassis
  • 2-button footswitch (Channel 1/2 and Solo)
  • Slip cover included

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