Marshall ORI50C Origin 50 All-Tube Amplifier Combo


Innovate and craft your sound using this 50W combo.


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A Celestion Midnight 60 12” type speaker provides a classic all-valve, rich and harmonic Marshall tone. This amp has classic styling and contains contemporary features. A power reduction feature, Powerstem, perfectly matches your tone whether performing on stage or practicing in the studio. With a 2-way footswitch available you can control the gain boost and turn the FX loop on and off.

Add a little boost

You can add in an extra level of gain using the footswitchable gain boost feature to create extra distortion in your sound.

You have the power

Play as hard as you like, wherever you like. Our new power reducing technology, Powerstem allows you to have high, medium or low power modes to work with your environment.

Tilt your sound

By using the tilt control you can blend your sound between normal and high treble to access the sound that suits you.

Understanding your Origin

There are lots of features on the Origin so we’ve made some videos to help you better understand how the Origin can help shape your sound.

Technical Specification


Model: Origin50C

Range: Origin
Technology: Valve
Channels: 1



Output wattage: High power 50W, mid power approx 10W and low power approx 5W
Outputs: Speaker outputs: 3 x 1/4″ jack sockets (16Ω load / 8Ω load), DI out (1/4″ jack)
Inputs: 1 x 1/4″ jack instrument input, footswitch
Controls: Gain, gain boost, tilt, bass, middle, treble, master, presence, powerstem
Effects: None
Effects loop: Yes, Series, Send/Return



Speaker configuration: 1×12″
Speaker model: Celestion G12N-60 Midnight 60 (16Ω, 60W)
Unit impedance: 16Ω



Preamp valves: 3 x ECC83
Power amp valves: 2 x EL34


Footswitch: PEDL-90016 included
Cable: Detachable power cable included


Dimensions (including feet and handle)

Weight: 18.2 kg / 40 lbs
Width: 580 mm / 22.8″
Height: 480 mm / 18.9″

Depth: 245 mm / 9.6″

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