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ART SCC Studio Control Center
ID: 15550

The ART SCC is the ideal compact solution allowing you to take complete control of your studio space. Three selectable stereo sources can be quickly and easily routed to any or all of three sets of stereo balanced outputs from... more
Avantone Pro CLA-10A Active Studio Monitor System
ID: 16064


The Iconic Studio Monitor System is back.
Avantone Pro, in conjunction with the expertise of legendary mixer Chris Lord Alge, have designed the most faithful reproduction of the world`s most iconic studio monitor. Now everyone can mix on the monitors that... more
Fostex PMO.3H Active Speaker System (pair)
ID: 15536

PM0.3H Active Speaker System
PM0.3H is the latest model of the reputed Fostex PM-series that features Hi-Resolution reproduction up to 40kHz by the improved amplifier circuitry and the soft dome tweeter. The combination of the dedicated 3" LF and 3/4" HF... more
Hercules DJMONITOR 42 Active Monitoring Speakers (pair)
ID: 15537

Refine the mixes that you create with high-quality speakers for powerful, clear audio rendering. The DJMonitor 42 speakers are ideal for setting just the right mood: not too big or too small, they fit perfectly into any setting and provide... more
Mackie MR624 6.5" Active Studio Monitor (each)
ID: 14644

With an all-new design, MR Series monitors utilize Mackie`s proven technology and acoustic tuning to deliver incredible accuracy and clarity. The logarithmic waveguide provides an ultra-wide listening sweet spot and enhanced stereo imaging while the Acoustic Space Control allows you... more
Neumann KH-120 A Active Studio Monitors (each)
ID: 16749

The KH 120 is Neumann`s trailblazer model and development yardstick for compact studio monitors. It has been a reference class for close-range monitoring since 2011. Enormous power reserves meet high-precision sound conduction. The result: Maximum signal fidelity... more
PreSonus ERIS E4.5 Active Media Reference Monitors (pair)
ID: 15975

Sound you can trust.
PreSonus® Eris-series studio monitors are used worldwide by audio engineers who need to hear every detail of their recordings. Ideal for music lovers, content creators, and gamers, the Eris E4.5 media reference monitors deliver the same studio-quality... more
PreSonus ERIS E8 Two-Way Active 8" Studio Monitor (Pair)
ID: 15614

The Eris E8 Two-Way Active 8" Studio Monitor from PreSonus delivers an accurate response with tight bass and a clear upper end. The Kevlar low frequency transducers, low-mass silk-dome tweeters and responsive Class AB amplification combine with acoustic-adjustment controls to... more
PreSonus Eris E5 XT: Two Way Active Studio Monitors with Wave Guide (each)
ID: 15535

Our best-selling studio monitors just got better.
With their smooth, accurate frequency response, powerful amplification with tons of headroom, and acoustic tuning functions that ensure you always get the best sound... it`s no wonder that the original Eris®-series studio monitors have... more
Quiklok BS/536 Studio Monitor Stands (pair)
ID: 16175


Fixed height near-field monitor/speaker stand
36" (91 cm) Fixed Height.
Perfect for home, project or professional recording studios.
All-steel, arc welded construction. No fibre or chipboard.
Attractive design incorporating cable management clips.
Solid tripod base with adjustable levelling floor spikes.
Sturdy metal top plate, equipped with... more
Yamaha HS5 Active Studio Monitor (each)
ID: 15691

Ever since the 1970`s the iconic white woofer and signature sound of Yamaha`s nearfield reference monitors have become a genuine industry standard for a reason - their accuracy. Unlike studio monitors with added bass or treble frequencies which may sound... more
Yamaha HS7 Active Studio Monitor (each)
ID: 14807

Yamaha are proud to introduce an all-new range of nearfield studio-quality powered monitors. The three new models - HS5, HS7 & HS8 - are augmented by a matching HS8S 150w powered subwoofer and are specifically designed (and priced) for the... more
Yorkville SKS41B Adjustable Studio Monitor Stand
ID: 15560


All-steel Construction
Stable, Three-point Triangle Base
Adjustable Levling Spikes
Heavy Duty Steel Top Plate
Fully Adjustable Nylon Clutch with Safety Pin
Neoprene Slip Pads
Cable Clips Included


Speaker Plate Dimensions: 9" x 9"
Maximum Height: 47"
Minimum Height: 26.5"
Base Span: 17"
Load Capacity: 125 lbs ... more