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JBL J104 Active Reference Monitors (pair)
ID: 14864

With the JBL One Series 104 reference monitors, we started with the mission to give content creators the ability to hear all the details for better results while mixing and editing. Drawing on seven decades of JBL Professional engineering, the... more
M-AUDIO AV42 Desktop Reference Monitors (pair)
ID: 12328

Upgrade your sound with the AV42 monitor speakers from M-Audio.

The acoustically-inert MDF cabinets eliminate clarity-robbing resonances. Inside, Class A/B amplification provides 20 Watts of power per channel. The two-way design features an optimized bass reflex design and OptImage IV... more
MACKIE CR5BT 5" Multimedia Monitor w/ Bluetooth (pair)
ID: 14643


Mackie CR5BT 5" Multimedia Monitors with Bluetooth® are designed for multimedia, with Bluetooth® streaming that delivers ultimate flexibility for media creators and music lovers. Featuring 50 watts of power and premium transducers, CR5BT delivers rich sound with deep bass response... more
MACKIE MR624 6.5" Active Studio Monitor (each)
ID: 14644


With an all-new design, MR Series monitors utilize Mackie`s proven technology and acoustic tuning to deliver incredible accuracy and clarity. The logarithmic waveguide provides an ultra-wide listening sweet spot and enhanced stereo imaging while the Acoustic Space Control allows you... more
Mackie MR10Smk3 10" Powered Studio Subwoofer
ID: 8538

MR10Smk3 10" Powered Studio Subwoofer

Powerful, deep extended bass for your Mackie MRmk3 studio
Designed for high-output and superior low-frequency performance

120 watts of Class A/B amplification
10&8243, glass aramid composite woofer

Shelf-ported for satisfying, deep low end
Stereo XLR... more
Mackie The Big Knob Studio + desktop audio control center
ID: 8537

The Must-Have Audio Command Center for Your Computer-Based Studio
You asked for it. Your band asked for it. Your clients asked for it. Your mom practically asked for it.

Since the dawn of computer-based music making, folks have... more
YAMAHA HS7 Powered Studio Monitor
ID: 14807

Yamaha are proud to introduce an all-new range of nearfield studio-quality powered monitors. The three new models - HS5, HS7 & HS8 - are augmented by a matching HS8S 150w powered subwoofer and are specifically designed (and priced) for the... more