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AKG C44-USB Lyra Ultra-HD Multimode USB Microphone
ID: 15983

The Center of Your Creative Universe

Whether you`re podcasting, making YouTube videos, live streaming, or recording your next hit, easily do it all and sound like a pro with the AKG Lyra Ultra HD, multimode USB microphone. For more than 70... more
AKG P120 High-Performance General Purpose Recording Microphone
ID: 13495

For project studios, home recording and stage
The P120 is a 2/3-inch diaphragm true condenser microphone that offers solidly built quality, outstanding performance and excellent value. The low-mass diaphragm delivers a clear sound with accurate sonic detail... more
AKG P170 High-Performance Instrument Microphone
ID: 15884

At the point
The P170 is a small-diaphragm condenser microphone for recording of overheads, percussion, acoustic guitars and other strings. Its lightweight 1/2-inch true condenser transducer diaphragm delivers outstanding clarity and transient response. The P170 utilizes the experience of sound... more
AKG P220 High-Performance Large Diaphragm True Condenser Microphone
ID: 13496

For project studios and stage
The P220 is a large-diaphragm true condenser microphone offering a warm and clear sound for lead vocals, acoustic guitar and brass instruments. A switchable bass-cut filter and attenuation pad make it perfectly suited for use... more
AKG P420 High-Performance Dual-Capsule True Condenser Microphone
ID: 13497

For project studios and stage
The P420 is a multi-pattern large diaphragm true condenser microphone for demanding project studio recording applications. Offering high sensitivity and 155dB maximum SPL, the P420 delivers a warm, transparent sound quality perfectly suited for ensemble... more
Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Microphone
ID: 15756

The AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Microphone from Audio-Technica is designed for vocal and general instrument capturing in project and professional studio environments. The capsule features a low-mass, side-address diaphragm with a cardioid polar pattern for rejecting ambiance and noise at the... more
CAD Audio PodMaster D USB Professional Broadcast/Podcasting Microphone w/ Boom Arm Stand
ID: 15934


Front Address Broadcast/Podcast Style Design
Broadcast Quality Dynamic Capsule
World Class USB Circuitry
Headphone Monitor
Studio Quality Echo Signal Processing
Aggressive and Detailed Audio Reproduction
Quality All Metal Construction
Includes Broadcast Style Boom Arm Stand, Mounting Clip, USB cable and Windscreen
2 Year Warranty


The PodMaster™D USB is a front... more
CAD Audio U37 USB Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone w/Tripod Stand, 10™ USB Cable (camo)
ID: 15576

Large condenser microphone element for warm, rich recordings
Cardioid pick-up pattern minimizes background noise and isolates the main sound source
Smooth, extended frequency response is excellent for singing, speech and instruments
-10dB overload-protection switch minimizes distortion from loud sound sources
Bass-reduction... more
CAD Audio ZOE USB Condenser Recording Microphone w/ Trakmix Headphone Output
ID: 15577


Perfect for recording applications
Incorporates a TrakMix Headphone Output
Cardioid polar pattern
Condenser microphone
10` cable included

Principle : Condenser USB with TrakMix TM Headphone Output
Pattern : Unidirectional
Frequency Response Mic : 50 - 16kHz
Sampling and bit rate : 48kHz 16 bit
Headphone Frequency Response : 20 -... more
Focusrite Solo Studio
ID: 15498

You`ve found the simplest way to create incredible recordings of your music. Featuring the smallest USB audio interface we make, mic, headphones and all the cables you need to get started, Scarlett Solo... more
Marantz MPM-2000 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone
ID: 15939


The MPM-2000 professional condenser microphone boasts a specially-engineering internal circuit design optimized for smooth frequency response, high sensitivity, low noise and wide dynamic range. This enables the microphone to be used in any application requiring accurate signal reproduction and seamless... more
Marantz MPM1000 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone
ID: 14647

Marantz Professional is proud to present the MPM-1000 Studio Series microphone, a high-quality condenser mic that delivers studio-grade audio performance along with unexcelled value. The MPM-1000 Studio Series microphone exemplifies Marantz Professional`s commitment to users who demand no-compromise components that... more
Presonus DM-7: Complete Drum Microphone Set for Recording and Live Sound
ID: 15875

You got the beat
The key to a great acoustic drum kit sound is to capture each element individually so that you have the most control over your mix. The PreSonus DM-7 drum mic set gives you everything you need to... more
Rode M5 Compact 1/2" Condenser Microphone (matched pair)
ID: 15520

Designed and made in Australia, the M5 is a compact 1/2" cardioid condenser microphone with low noise and a full frequency response. A result of many years` experience building the award-winning NT5 microphone, RODE has succeeded in making a high-quality... more
Rode NT1000 Studio Cardioid Condenser Microphone
ID: 15521

With its ultra-low 6dBA self-noise and transformerless circuitry, the RODE NT1000 exhibits exceptional performance when recording both vocals and instruments.

Voiced for versatility, it has been hailed by many as the ultimate microphone for grand piano and drum overheads. The NT1000... more
Rode PodMic Dynamic Podcasting Microphone
ID: 15910

The PodMic is a broadcast-quality dynamic microphone optimised for podcasting. It has a rich, balanced sound, with an internal pop filter to minimise plosives and internal shockmounting to reduce vibration.

The PodMic is optimised for use with the RODECaster™ Pro Podcast... more
STEINBERG UR22mkII Recording Pack
ID: 15840

Your complete recording solution
The all-inclusive, full-on production toolkit to get you producing your first songs on your computer or iPad! The UR22mkII Recording Pack combines a dual-channel audio interface, studio condenser microphone and monitor headphones, including cables, with a full... more
Samson CO1 Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic
ID: 12519

Samson`s C01 has all the performance features that you demand from a large diaphragm condenser microphone. It`s the perfect solution for recording vocals, acoustic instruments and for use as and overhead drum mic.

Featuring a large, dual-layer 19mm diaphragm with a... more
Samson Go Mic Direct Portable USB Microphone
ID: 10930

Samson`s Go Mic Direct is the ideal portable audio solution for Skype, FaceTime, voice recognition software, as well as recording audio for YouTube, lectures, podcasts and webinars. The Go Mic Direct also features the Samson Sound Deck Noise Cancellation Software... more
Sennheiser MK-4 Professional Quality Cardioid Condenser Microphone
ID: 14844

The MK 4 is a large-diaphragm true condenser microphone for professional studio recordings. Featuring fine resolution and outstanding sound quality, the MK 4 is easy to handle and excellent value for money, making it an ideal choice for professional project... more
Shure MV7 Podcast Microphone
ID: 15785

Inspired by the legendary SM7B, the MV7 is a dynamic microphone with both USB and XLR outputs for use with computers and professional interfaces alike. Connect via USB and explore additional set-up features and Auto Level Mode within our ShurePlus™... more
Shure SM7B Large Diaphragm Dynamic Vocal Microphone
ID: 13493

The SM7B dynamic microphone has a smooth, flat, wide-range frequency response appropriate for music and speech in all professional audio applications. It features excellent shielding against electromagnetic hum generated by computer monitors, neon lights, and other electrical devices.

The SM7B has... more
Tascam TM-180 Studio Condenser Microphone
ID: 15533

The more you know the tone of the condenser microphone, the more fun it gets!

TASCAM TM-180 is the standard model in the TASCAM microphone series that have been tested with the TASCAM products, specialized in the bright sound quality with a... more
Warm Audio WA-14 Condenser Microphone
ID: 14255

WA-14 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

The WA-14 is a condenser microphone based on an early 1970`s microphone used on countless hit records. The WA-14 utilizes a custom all-brass CK12-style capsule, CineMag USA transformer, and a fully discrete signal path. The... more
Warm Audio WA-47jr FET Condenser Microphone
ID: 14254

The WA-47jr is an FET transformerless version of the highly renowned classic `47 microphone that has been used on countless hit records for the last 50+ years. The WA-47jr is fully discrete, has 3 polar patterns and is designed for... more
Zoom ZDM-1 Dynamic Microphone
ID: 15851

The Zoom ZDM-1 Dynamic Microphone delivers smooth, natural tone with built-in noise protection and impressive sound rejection for clear, focused, broadcast-quality recordings.

Broadcast-Quality Sound
The ZDM-1 captures crystal-clear detail from 50 to 18,000 Hz, with tight bass and smooth high-end that enhance any... more
Zoom ZDM-1 Podcast Mic Pack
ID: 15801

Everything you need to capture broadcast-quality sound with your Zoom Recorder
ZDM-1 large-diaphragm dynamic microphone captures smooth, broadcast-quality sound
ZHP-1 professional closed-back headphones let you hear every detail
The compact and sturdy TPS-4 Tabletop Tripod makes setup easy anywhere
Custom windscreen... more