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ALLEN & HEATH ZEDi-10 Hybrid Compact Mixer / 4X4 USB Interface
ID: 13425

ZEDi-10 combines the robustness and hands-on control of an analogue mixer with a high quality 4 X 4 USB interface, making it a perfect all-round choice for musicians, recording artists and venues. Whether it`s bouncing ideas around at home, performing... more
ALLEN & HEATH ZEDi-8 Hybrid Compact Mixer w/ 2x2 USB Interface
ID: 11748

ZEDi-8 gives musicians, recording artists and venues the ruggedness and hands-on control of an analogue mixer, paired with the versatility and convenience of a 2x2 USB interface. Whether it`s bouncing ideas around at home, performing live or recording tracks to... more
ART USB PHONO PLUS Computer Interface
ID: 13156

Project Series
The USB Phono Plus is the ideal solution for transferring any highly prized vinyl collection to your computer or laptop. It is also the ideal high performance audio interface between analog and digital sources. Built in low-noise RIAA... more
Alesis AcousticLink
ID: 10497


Record your steel-stringed acoustic or electric guitars directly into your computer.*

Get your performances and ideas into your Mac or PC in seconds with the AcousticLink guitar-recording pack. The AcousticLink contains a no-drill acoustic guitar pickup, a guitar-to-USB cable, and Cubase... more
BEHRINGER FCA1616 16 In/16 Out Firewire/USB Audio Interface
ID: 14567

FIREPOWER AUDIO USB/FireWire audio interfaces are the ideal way to stream audio to and from your PC or Mac computer. These handy interfaces feature state-of-the-art MIDAS designed mic preamps, legendary the world over for their pristine clarity and high-headroom sonic... more
BEHRINGER U-PHORIA UM2 Audiophile 2x2 USB Audio Interface with XENYX Mic Preamplifier
ID: 14702

USB Recording Made Easy

If you`re looking for a simple, affordable, and effective way to record music on your Mac or Windows PC, then check out the Behringer U-Phoria UM2. Ask any Sales Engineer here at Sweetwater, and they`ll gladly tell... more
BEHRINGER U-PHORIA UMC22 Audiophile 2x2 USB Audio Interface w/ Midas Mic Pre`s
ID: 12624

When it`s time to make recording history, you need the best audio interface you can get - and you need one you can count on. That`s why we`re kicking it up a notch with the amazing UMC22, an ultra-compact 2... more
BEHRINGER U-PHORIA UMC404HD Audiophile 4x4 USB Audio Interface w/ Midas Mic Pre`s
ID: 12625

The incredible U-PHORIA UMC404HD bridges the gap between your creativity and your fans. This blazingly fast USB 2.0 studio in a box will have you recording your next masterpiece in minutes with all the connectivity required for your microphones, guitars,... more
Behringer UMC204HD Audio/MIDI Interface with MIDAS Mic Preamplifiers
ID: 13368

2x4 USB 2.0 Audio/MIDI Interface for recording microphones and instruments

Audiophile 24-Bit/192 kHz resolution for professional audio quality

Compatible with popular recording software including Avid Pro Tools*, Ableton Live*, Steinberg Cubase*, etc.

Streams 2 inputs / 4 outputs plus 1x MIDI I/O with ultra-low... more
IK MULTIMEDIA iRIG ACOUSTIC Mobile Microphone Interface
ID: 12630

Acoustic players - Now there`s finally an affordable, mobile Acoustic playing and recording system with professional sound made just for you!

Inspired by a must see documentary on flamenco guitar master Paco de Lucia, iRig Acoustic is the first acoustic guitar mobile... more
M-AUDIO MIDISPORT 2X2 Anniversary Edition USB Bus-Powered MIDI Interface
ID: 12998

Released in celebration of M-Audio`s 20th anniversary, the Midiman MIDISPORT 2x2 Anniversary Edition multi-port USB MIDI interface delivers a new look and enhanced functionality. The compact interface addresses 32 x 32 discrete channels of MIDI I/O via USB, making it... more
MACKIE ONYX ARTIST 1-2 USB Audio Interface
ID: 14641

Combining high-resolution 24-bit/192kHz converters with premium Mackie analog circuitry and Built-Like-A-Tank hardware design, the bus-powered Onyx Artist 1-2 is perfect for singer-songwriters, content creators, and mobile recording. The Artist 1-2 features an Onyx mic pre with phantom power and a... more
ID: 14642

Combining high-resolution 24-bit/192kHz converters with premium Mackie analog circuit and Built-Like-A-Tank hardware design, the bus-powered Onyx Producer 2-2 is perfect for home studios, mobile recording, and dual mic applications. Featuring two XLR/TRS combo inputs with Onyx mic pres, each is... more
Miktek Audio ProCast SST USB Microphone / Audio Interface
ID: 10513

There are many inexpensive options for recording podcasts that are available today, but what about the professional podcaster? Introducing Procast Studio Station by Miktek. The ProCast SST is a high quality USB studio condenser microphone with integrated radio style... more
NUMARK PT01 USB Portable Vinyl-Archiving Turntable
ID: 13187

Play and Record Vinyl Wherever You Are
Listening and recording vinyl to your computer is a breeze with the PT01 USB. This portable turntable is tough and durable, so you can take it with you anywhere. The PT01 USB comes... more
PRESONUS AUDIOBOX 96 STUDIO Complete Hardware/Software Recording Kit
ID: 14467

Everything you need to record and produce
Start recording today with this complete, all-PreSonus® package! Based on the AudioBox USB® 96 audio/MIDI interface and award-winning Studio One recording and production software, PreSonus AudioBox 96 Studio is great for creating multitrack recordings,... more
PRESONUS AUDIOBOX STUDIO ULTIMATE Bundle: Deluxe Hardware/Software Recording Collection
ID: 14466

Everything you need to record and produce-and beyond
Produce and record like a pro with a single-purchase bundle! The core of this package is the AudioBox USB® 96 audio/MIDI interface and award-winning Studio One recording and production software. You also... more
PRESONUS AudioBox USB 96: 2x2 USB 2.0 Audio Interface
ID: 14804

Simple, reliable, and portable.
Whether you are a musician, producer, or podcaster on a tight budget, the AudioBox USB® 96 audio interface is for you! This simple, handy little audio/MIDI interface has just the right features for basic recording needs, allowing... more
ID: 14724


Designed for creative electronic music production.
Almost everyone at PreSonus is a musician, and many of us are DJs and electronic musicians. So we understand the need for a high-quality audio interface with the best sounding preamps available and top quality... more
PRESONUS STUDIO 2/4 2x4 USB-C Audio/MIDI interface
ID: 14469

Professional quality wherever you record.
Great for home recording, mobile musicians, guitarists, podcasters, and live streaming, the Studio 24 2x2 USB-C bus-powered audio/MIDI interface can record up to 24-bit, 192 kHz audio. Equipped with PreSonus XMAX-L solid-state preamps and high-end converters,... more
ID: 14723


Professional quality wherever you record.
Great for podcasters, live streaming, DJs, and musicians on the road or in the studio, the Studio 26 2x4 USB 2.0 bus-powered audio interface can record up to 24-bit, 192 kHz audio. Equipped with PreSonus XMAX-L... more
ID: 14722


Professional quality for small studios.
An excellent choice for producers and musicians working in small studios, the Studio 68 audio interface provides the right I/O and features for recording and performing. Equipped with four of our famous XMAX Class A preamps,... more
Roland UM-ONE-MK2 USB MIDI Interface
ID: 13739

Now Compatible with the iPad

Compact, convenient, and fast, the affordable UM-ONE mk2 boasts high-performance FPT processing for low latency and tight timing. The bus-powered MIDI interface is compatible with Macs and PCs, and now with the iPad as well... more
Tascam iXZ Mic and Guitar Interface
ID: 9870


TASCAM`s pocket-sized iXZ turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a recording studio. Plug in a microphone, guitar or bass to interact with the latest guitar amp, sampling, recording and DJ apps. The iXZ even supplies phantom... more
Vox amPlug I/O Audio USB Interface with Tuner
ID: 11425

amPlug I/O is an easy-to-use USB audio interface that plugs directly into your guitar. Simply connect amPlug I/O to your computer via USB and you can easily start playing and recording with the included JamVOX III software. amPlug I/O... more
ID: 8010

Zoom takes the turbocharged design of the R24 and scales it down for an ultra-portable music production solution. Like its predecessor, the R8 combines four production tools in one versatile device. In addition to being an 8-track recorder that... more