Van Damme
Blue Series Studio Grade speaker cable 3 foot


Van Damme cable is the finest Professional grade cable available for use in all critical audio applications.This cable uses a blend of Oxygen Free Copper and Ultra Pure Silver Plated Oxygen Free Copper strands for its conductors.The additional advantage of adding silver plated strands to audio cable is that silver is a better conductor than copper,but alone is too brittle for traditional use.This unique combination of metals provides high frequency response that is less attenuated and far tighter low frequency response than other less ambitious cable designs.An added benefit of silver is that it is less susceptible to corrosion than copper,the plating offers a protective barrier between the conductor and the insulation in free air.


Critical studio monitoring
Guitar amplifier to speaker leads
Installations where low smoke zero halogen is not a requirement

Application notes

Conductors use fine stranding for ultimate flexibility
Reduced OD 2 x 2.5mm will fit XLR connectors and mono jacks
Ultra pure oxygen free copper for outstanding sonic integrity

Overall Mechanical specification

Conductor Bare ultra pure oxygen free copper
Insulation PVC
Overall jacket Flexible PVC composite sapphire blue RAL 5003