Super Chromonica Chromatic harmonica


Chromatic harmonicas are designed to play everycomplete scale in any key - major, minor, pentatonic,blues, etc. - all on one instrument. Additionally,all accidental notes are available at any timefor any situation.Each single hole contains four notes, engaged individuallyby inhaling and exhaling in combinationwith pressing and releasing a button on the rightside of the instrument. This system allows forcomplete chromatic playing, using all the notes ofthe western scale. Most chromatic harmonicas arealso solo tuned, meaning each group of four holescovers a complete octave.This design offers limitless expression to the player.Most often found in classical and jazz music, chromaticharmonicas are becoming increasingly popularin blues, rock and pop situations as well.MODEL MODEL OF OF COMB KEYS LENGTHNUMBER NAME HOLES REEDS MAT`L AVAIL. (INCHES)270 Super Chromonica 12 48 Wood D,Eb,E,F,G,A,Bb,B,C 5 5/8