17" XSR Concept Crash


Sabian XSR Series

Striking sonics at a great price,that`s what you get with the B20 bronze Sabian XSR cymbals. For the XSR series, Sabian has leveraged the latest cymbal-making technology and drawn on many of the same production methods used to make its high-end X-Plosion and Evolution cymbals. Hammered and featuring enhanced profiles, XSR cymbals sport reshaped bells for superior sonic acceleration. Sweetwater drummers are excited about Sabian XSR cymbals, due to their excellent performance and outstanding value.

A new direction for the XSR series
Masterfully crafted from musically rich B20 bronze
Uniform lathing unlocks a hotter, higher-output
brightness and extra B20 character
Extra cold-working enhances appearance and note length
Low-profile bell provides a wide dynamic window

Type: Crash
Size: 16"
Weight: Medium
Material: B20
Finish: Traditional
Sound: Bright
Balance: Attack
Bell Size: Small
Sustain: Long