MX212A Verticle 2x12" Guitar Cabinet


Great value and fantastic quality - what`s not to love about these 2x12`s? They pair well with most Marshall heads or can be used as an extension cabinet for a combo. They are fitted with two Celestion Seventy 80 speakers that definitely pack a punch.

This cabinet is also available in an angled form which is perfect for projecting sound or use on tight stages.

Key Features:
Plenty of power - the Celestion speakers pack enough power to deliver that iconic Marshall rock tone.

Superb speakers - these speakers add a tight low-end and a punchy mid-range to your sound. With excellent power handling, this cabinet is begging you to crank up that gain

Model: MX212A

Inputs: 1

Speaker configuration: 2x12"
Speaker model: Celestion Seventy-80 (80w, 16ohms)
Power handling: 160w
Unit impedance: 8ohms

Dimensions (MX212A)
Width: 530 mm / 20.9"
Depth: 310 mm / 12.2"
Height: 750 mm / 29.5"