M2 Wireless In-Ear Monitor System

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The M2 Wireless In-Ear Monitor System is designed to make professional in-ear monitoring features accessible for performers who want to be free from the problems associated with floor wedges. The stereo monitor system offers Personal Mix Control, which gives each musician volume and mix control of two independent signals on stage, via easy-to-use controls on the M2R stereo body-pack receiver. The wireless UHF M2T Stereo Transmitter provides a choice of 100 selectable frequencies and is equipped with two XLR/quarter inch combo input connectors into which users can connect line-level inputs. While up to 10 complete M2 systems may be used on stage simultaneously, any number of M2R stereo receivers may be used on the same frequency with a single M2T stereo transmitter. These rugged systems are built to stand up to the inevitable bumps of life on the road, delivering clear, natural sound for touring and installed-sound uses.


High-fidelity sound with clean, articulate mix allows you to hear yourself better at lower volume

100 selectable UHF channels

Up to 10 simultaneous systems per frequency band

Three receiver modes: Personal Mix, stereo, and mono

Personal Mix Control allows volume and mix control of two independent signals at the receiver

3.5 mm line-in jack connects to ambient microphone, click track & more

LED indicators provide easy-to-read level monitoring

XLR loop output (true pass-through) connects signal to mixing console, additional IEM system or recording device with no signal degradation

Adjustable squelch eliminates annoying static

Pilot tone protects against RF interference when the transmitter is turned off

Limiter (defeatable) helps protect your hearing from sudden peaks

Portable system is quick to load and set up

Reduces on-stage audio clutter for better overall mix & less feedback

Use any number of M2R Stereo Receivers (with Personal Mix Control) on the same frequency

Audio-Technica earphones with proprietary dynamic drivers offer full frequency response and outstanding isolation

Personal fit with 3 sizes of rubber eartips plus ear-conforming foam tips

Auxiliary input offers connection point for ambient microphone, click track, or other mic- or line-level input.