THR10 Portable Guitar Amplifier


A new take on classic tone. Conventional amps work great on stage, but what about everywhere else you play? THR is designed to truly fit where, when and how you play off-stage. Designed by people on the search for tone, Yamaha`s Virtual Circuitry Modeling technology delivers amp sounds that respond exactly like real tube amps, incredibly realistic effects and hi-fi quality stereo playback - all at low volumes. Be prepared to spend a lot more time playing guitar...

-Clean, Crunch, Lead, Brit Hi, Modern, Bass, ACO and Flat settings
-Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Delay, Delay/Reverb, Spring Reverb and Hall Reverb effects
-Amp, Gain, Master, Bass, Middle, Treble, Effect, DLY/REV, Guitar Output, USB/AUX Output, User Memory -Switch x5 and Tap/Tuner Switch controls.
-Compressor and Noise Gate available in THR EditorExtended Stereo technology
-2 x 8cm full-range speakers
-Cubase AI
-THR Editor
-USB connection
-User memory
-Virtual Tube Illumination
-AC power (PSU supplied) or battery power