microKorg Synthesizer


A true synthesizer with an analog modeling tone generator
Powerful-sounding oscillator section
Knife-sharp filter section
An amp section with great presence and distortion
EG and LFO add subtle tonal movement
Virtual patches for even more sophisticated sound editing
Versatile and distinctive vocoder
128 programs for immediate use
A full range of effects
Freely settable arpeggiator
Process an external audio source via the audio inputs
MIDI controller functionality
Controls designed for easy access
Pop and distinctive looks, and an included mini-mic

A true synthesizer with an analog modeling tone generator

The microKORG is a serious yet compact synthesizer with a strong personality, designed to give you the true enjoyment of creating sounds.

The tone generator features the same DSP analog modeling system as the MS-2000 which has been acclaimed by musicians for its warmth and broad range of sounds. Offering a wide selection of waveforms, the microKORG offers powerful filters, envelopes, LFOs, effects and modulation possibilities to help you shape the sounds you want.

You can edit the sound easily and intuitively, simply by selecting parameters and turning knobs. Since it`s easy to modify the sound in realtime, the microKORG can play a role in a wide variety of situations ranging from live performance, to recording, to computer control.

Sound Generation Method Analog Modeling Synthesis System
Synthesizer Program Multi Timbral 2 (max, Split/Dual Mode) Voices 4 voices Sound Source 2 Oscillator + Noise Generator, Multi Mode Filter(-24dB/octLPF,-12dB/oct LPF/BPF/HPF) EG X 2 LFO X 2 Virtual Patch X 4
Vocoder Program Voices 4 voices Sound Source 1 Oscillator and Noise Generator EG X 1 LFO X 2 8 Channels vocoder Level and pan of each channel can be edited Formant Shift function
Programs 128 programs Effects Modulation effects (3 types), Delay (3 types), Equalizer Arpeggiator 6 types
Controllers Real-Time control knob X 4 (3 level Selection), Arpeggio ON/OFF Keyboards 37 Keys (mini-keyboard, keyboard has velocity) Inputs AUDIO IN 1,2, Level switch LINE/MIC, [AUDIO IN 1, 2 (LINE) ], [AUDIO IN 2 (MIC)] Outputs L/MONO, R, Headphones MIDI IN, OUT, THRU Display 3 characters X 1 line with 8 segment LED
Power Supply DC 9 V (AC adapter), or six AA alkaline batteries (sold separately) Power Consumption 6.4 W (MAX) Dimensions
(W) x (D) x (H) 524 x 232 x 70mm/20.63" x 9.13" x 2.76" Weight 2.2 kg/4.85 lbs. (without batteries and included microphone) Accessories AC adapter (DC 9 V, 600 mA)
Condenser Microphone