DN1800F Dual CD Player w/ controller and flight case



The DN-1800F sports several features found on Denon`s new top-ranked DN-2600F dual CD player. Bright LEDs over each drive illuminate disc holders when open and flash while opening and closing. Pitch Bend (+/-18%) may be controlled via the jog wheel in addition to the standard dedicated buttons. A `Plat` function can be used to speed playback up to +40% when the jog wheel is turned clockwise and slow it down to -50% when turned counter-clockwise.

The machine also boasts a new `Cue Stutter` mode, which plays momentary audio as the Cue button is pressed down and then recues to the original point when released.

In addition to traditional analog outputs, digital SPDIF outputs enable the dual CD player to be used for direct dubbing to a digital recorder (MD, DAT, CD-R, etc.) or for direct digital connection to an outboard processor or mixing console.

The DN-1800F provides several seconds of `shock-proof` memory per drive. This guards against momentary dropouts caused by bumps or vibration from the floor, and is especially helpful for mobile DJs and nightclub-installed applications.

A Playback mode selection button for Single/Continuous/Relay Play is offered on each drive. Relay Playback mode can be set independently for each drive, and when both drives are in Relay Playback mode, tracks can be played continuously going back and forth between the two drives.

A special `Sleep` function automatically shuts down the disc rotation motors after 30 minutes of inactivity, prolonging the useful life of the player. Also, the disc trays close automatically if left open for 30 seconds, helping to prevent against accidental mishaps and improving the player`s long-term reliability.

Technical specifications
* Dual jog/shuttle wheels, similar to those found on Denon`s DN-2500F pro
* DJ CD player, for smooth searching and scanning
* Bright and detailed fluorescent tube displays to give the DJ full indication about disc play status, elapsed and remaining timing, and other important visual information
* A 10-segment `countdown` bar graph that provides a quick at-a-glance visual indication of current position within a playing track
* Adjustable Pitch range of +/-10% (in 0.1% steps) on Pitch sliders
* Incredibly fast Pitch Control response
* Instant Start, which starts playback in 0.01 second