Overtone Labs
Tune-Bot Studio Drum Tuner


The Tune-Bot Studio has all the ground-breaking features of the original tune-bot plus many more. The new model offers more reliable readings, a higher frequency range (better for tuning snare drums), a four colour display and streamlined keypad, and improved kit-saving options all in a performance package that`s easier to understand and operate.


Lug pitch matching
Measuring and adjusting overall tone
Interval tuning of Toms
Returning to your drums` optimal sound every time


Measure pitch as frequency and note
Tune whole kits in musical intervals Match lug pitches to fine-tune
Difference Mode for easier matching
Filter Mode to avoid false reading
Standard & High pitch ranges Save and recall pitches for up to 5 kits with up to 10 drums each
Colour LCD display
Clips to hoop for hands-free tuning
Hard plastic case, sturdy enough for stick bag or hardware case