Line 6
Line 6 Spider II HD150 150W Guitar Amp Head



The Line 6 Spider II HD Head builds upon the best-selling Spider to deliver 12 unique amp models. You get seven different effects with three available simultaneously and easily tweakable using the Smart FX knob. Delay times can be adjusted via tap tempo. Features a front-panel tuner, spring or room reverb, and a headphone out. The HD Head features 150W of power, 12 amp models, seven effects with three available simultaneously, tap tempo, spring and room reverb, and a headphone out.

-12 unique amp models
-7 different effects with 3 available simultaneously
-Smart FX knob for easy tweaking
-Delay times can be set via tap tempo
-Front-panel tuner
-Spring and room reverb
-Headphone out
-22"W x 8-1/2"H x 9-1/2"D