ULTRAPATCH PRO PX3000 Multi-Functional 48-Point 3-Mode Balanced Patchbay

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Dismantling a stage after a gig, or putting your studio back in order, is much easier when your cables are organized. The ULTRAPATCH PRO PX3000 helps you conserve space in the studio or on stage, plus protect your cables and keep them orderly and tangle-free.

This 48-point patchbay features high-quality, fully-balanced quarter inch TRS jacks. The multifunctional PX3000 is the ideal way to gain control over the cable runs in your studio. Crawling around under your desk searching for cables will become a thing of the past.

The PX300`s three modes are user-assignable via the top panel switches for extreme flexible functionality. Normal interconnects the two rear jacks of one channel, inserting a plug into either of the front jacks interrupts the connection of the rear jacks. Half Normal interconnects the two rear jacks of one channel, inserting a plug into the lower front jack only interrupts the connection of the rear jacks. The third mode, Thru, interconnects each rear jack with its corresponding front jack.

The ULTRAPATCH PRO PX3000 makes it easy to stay organized and conserve space.

Plug into this incredibly-useful audio solution, and see how it streamlines your stage and studio. We promise - your knees will thank you!

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