Concert Series 16/4 150` Stage Snake


A snake that will get you a long way from the stage.

The Horizon Concert Series Stage Snake is part of the toughest, most flexible, easy to roll and unroll, multipair snake series Horizon offers. The stage box is constructed from heavy-gauge metal. Other features include an integral handle, all-metal connectors (with locking tabs on the female XLRs), dual returns on the box (XLR male), and heavy-duty wire-mesh strain relief on both the box and fan ends. Constructed with the Studio Series multipair, individually shielded and jacketed snake cable. Sixteen sends by 4 returns. 150` long.

Sixteen sends and four returns
150 feet long
Heavy-gauge metal stage box with integral handle
All-metal connectors with locking tabs on females
Dual returns (1/4" and XLR male)
Heavy-duty wire-mesh strain relief on both ends


Each pair is individually jacketed and has a 100% foil shield. Metal Amphenol "D" series type connectors on a low-profile steel box with raised edges to protect the connectors.

XLR returns on the box and fan. Channel number ID behind each connector. Metal mesh strain relief/grip on box. Metal mesh cable bale on fan end. Hand soldered connectors. Because the wire meets NEC specs for permanent installations, you can run this snake behind walls, ceilings and floors without conduit (check your local fire codes)..