MHZ40C Haze 40 Tube Amplifier Combo



The Haze Series MHZ40C 40 Watt 1 x12" combo was designed to give the working musician all-valve tone and quality FX in a compact format, all at a reasonable price. It was big enough and bad enough to handle pub gigs, studio work, and rehearsals, yet compact enough to fit on the back seat of the car, or even in the boot.

It featured two channels, with an ECC83 and EL34 valve set, producing the incredible tone you`d expect from an all-valve Marshall, from clean to crunch on the normal channel and on to classic rock drive on the overdrive channel. There was also a boost on each of the channels which was foot switchable with the four button footswitch option (not included).

The digital FX included vibrato, delay and chorus, with an independently controlled emulated spring reverb for that vintage vibe. The MHZ40C could also remember your FX setting, allowing you to set and recall different parameters on each of the channels.

The global EQ consisted of bass, middle and treble, with a presence control for boosting or cutting higher frequencies. The EQ panel was a top-loaded design which, along with the vintage-style vinyl covering and striking white piping, gave the MHZ40C a classic look.

The MHZ40C was a versatile, compact mid-powered workhorse of an amp in a no nonsense, convenient 1 x 12" configuration.