Hughes & Kettner
Tube Factor



*** Like New with Original Box! ***

The Tube Factor represents a radically new execution of an age-old idea, that of the booster/overdrive pedal. What sets this new pedal apart from the offerings of the past is that it specializes in clean boost and neutral overdrive. In other words, Tube Factor effectively shows more respect for the individual character of the guitar and the subtle nuances of the player`s style. It accomplishes this through new technology employed in the device`s preamp stage, and through the use of a higher voltage (290 volts) than that employed by standard pedals. Due to the wider scale of voltage possible in the Tube Factor, the player will experience a broader range of expressiveness and responsiveness from his existing guitar and amp.The guitarists most likely to benefit from the Tube Factor are those more ambitious players who possess or aspire to a greater stylistic range and who have a greater appreciation of expressive subtleties, especially with clean and blues tones.Early testers have been unanimous in their enthusiastic appraisal of the Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor, particularly for the manner in which it `unlocks` the latent reserves of their existing gear and allows its original character to be heard more easily than ever before.Power to the unit is supplied via an external adapter.Specifications:- Input Impedance: 1 M ohm - Max. current consumption: 480 mA at 13.4 V- Min. input level: - 40 dB - Max.

power draw: 6.5 VA- Nominal input level: -26dB - Tube type: ECC83 or 12AX7A- Max. input level: + 17dB - Output Impedance: 2 K ohms - Max. output level preamp on: + 6 dB - Max. output level preamp off: + 12 dB - Dimensions (W x H x D): 160 x 80 x 215mm- Weight with power pack: 1.55 kg (3 Ibs.).