"Harmony" Pitch Shifter/Harmonist Pedal


There is beauty in a single note, but the clouds will open when that note is matched with its perfect fifth. Have you ever wanted your guitar to really sing?

The Hotone Harmony pedal introduces a gorgeous backup singer to richen up your guitar solo or riff expression. Boasting a wide range of pitch-shifting intervals, you`ll find all kinds of room whether you`re going up, down, or are just looking for a little detune.

Harmony`s pitch range is totally versatile, with
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,10,12,24 (semitones) in Pitch Shift Mode, and
-25,-20,-15,-10,-5, 0 (double),+5,+10,+15,+20,+25 (cents) in Detune Mode.

And with its polyphonic precision, you can play a chord and make the chorus come out (especially in Detune). Or sound like an organ. Or a 12 string, with those octaves!

* True Bypass Footswitch
* Zinc Alloy Outer Cover
* Transparent top knob and 2 cool small black knobs
* Cool LED lights
* Current Consumption: 53mA
* Dimensions: 74mm (D) x 44mm (W) x 44mm (H)
* Weight: 190 g