MultiComp True Dual Band Compressor Pedal


The EBS MultiComp is a high-performance, true dual-band analog compressor pedal. It gives discerning bassists a choice between rack-quality solid state, tube simulation, and multi-band compression modes in a stage-ready pedal format. It has a compression level knob, gain level knob, and an active/passive signal switch.

EBS bass effect pedals are designed to preserve the entire frequency range of your bass signal, use noiseless FET switching, are suitable both for studio and live use, feature robust construction, and are easy to use.

Smooth and professional bass compression ready to hit the stage or studio floor.

*Analog compression for bass guitar
*Solid state, tube simulation, and multiband modes
*Compress/Limiter level control knob
*Gain control knob
*Active/passive bass signal switch
*Preserves entire frequency range of signal
*Noiseless switching