Percussion Plus
PP4100BK 5 Piece Drum Set Complete in Black


The Percussion Plus 5-piece is a quality drum kit complete and ready to play with cymbals and throne included. With a full-sized 5-piece setup, this drumset is a great choice for beginners looking for a set that will last for years. It features double-braced hardware for durability and stability.

Set includes:
- high-quality 9-ply cross-laminated wooden shells
- 16" x 14" floor tom with 6 lugs per side.
- 16" x 22" bass drum with 8 lugs per side.
- 2 toms -- 9" x 12" and 8" x 10" with 6 lugs per side.
- 5.5" x 14" wooden snare with 6 lugs
- Double braced hardware -- snare stand, hi-hat stand and cymbal stand with die-cast cymbal tilt
- Cymbals included -- 14" hi-hat (1 pair) and 16" crash/ride
- Single-braced padded drum throne included
- Includes sticks, drum key and chain drive bass drum pedal with felt beater.
- Telescopic, heavy-duty, fully adjustable drum spurs