AMD Processor: Athlon XP
Aspect Ratio: Not Applicable
CD Writer: Yes
Centrino: no
Chipset Brand: unknown
Chipset Type: unknown
Clock Speed in MHz: 1600
Clockspeed (MHz): 1600
Combo Drive: yes
DVD Drive: Yes
DVD Reader: Yes
DVD recordable: Read only
Design: Tower
Digital Entertainment Platform: No
Disc Drive Type: DVD/CD RW Combi
Hard Disc Capacity in MB: 60
Hard disc capacity (MB): 60000
Hyper Threading: No
Intel Centrino Technology: No
Media Centre Edition: unknown
Modem Type: Analogue
Modem type: Analogue
Mousestick: No
Number of Cores: 1
Number of Processors: 1
Processor Brand: AMD
Processor Number: unknown
RAM in MB: 256
RAM-MB: 256
Rack Server: No
Remote Control: unknown
TV / Radio Card: No
Touchpad: No
Trackball: No
Type: Tower
Type of Modem: Analogue
USB: yes
Video Card: No
Video Editing Card: No
Video card: no
Workstation: no