GXL2200BPSP Studio Pack


The CAD GXL2200BPSP Studio Pack contains one GXL2000BP Cardioid Condenser microphone, one GXL1200BP Small Diaphram Cardioid Condenser microphone, one MH110 Studio Headphone, and one EPF15A Pop Filter. Shock mount and mic clip are included. P48 (48V) phantom power is required.

GXL2000BP Cardioid Condenser microphone
The CAD GXL2200BP Cardioid Condenser Microphone consists of a thin conductive membrane stretched very close to a stationary plate. High voltage is applied between the membrane and the plate. As the membrane vibrates, electrons move. These moving electrons are sensed as voltage. This voltage can be strengthened (but not necessarily increased) by silicon.

The GXL2200 is inspired cosmetically, mechanically, and electrically by early generations of European masters. It is a good well-rounded general purpose mic for applications in the home studio, and is priced for the budget minded home studio owner. Features include (but are not limited to) an internal hi-pass filter. Elastic shock mount and protective pouch are included. P48 (48V) phantom power is required.

GXL1200BP Cardioid Condenser Microphone
The CAD GXL1200BP Condenser Microphone has a small diaphragm and a cardioid polar pattern that captures your instrumentation with exacting detail. It is a good well-rounded general instrument mic for applications in the home studio, and is priced for the budget minded home studio owner. It has been sonically described as having pushback on the lows, a dip in the upper midrange that produces sound with a nice body with a little `air` on top.

Proximity effect is inversely proportional to distance. Sports a stylish pearl black finish. Mic clip and protective pouch are included. Phantom power (48V) is required.

Applications: choir, orchestra, acoustic instrument, guitar cabinets, strings, piano, cymbals/overheads, hi-hat, and snare drum.

MH110 Studio Headphones
The CAD Audio MH110 is a circumaural, precision-built monitor headphone. The MH110 is equipped with 50mm neodymium drivers offering extended frequency response while delivering exceptional detail and clarity. Designed with an easyfold, comfort-fit headband allowing for convenient storage and hours of fatigue-free listening.

EPF15A Pop Filter
Your microphone is begging you for the CAD EPF-15A 6-Inch Flexible Pop Filter. Would you take your brand new microphone into the shower with you? Didn`t think so! But every time your singer starts belting out the chorus, they`re bathing that mic in a spray of moisture.

What`s more, when they sing a word that starts with "p" or "b," the VU meters go ballistic! Here`s the solution-the CAD Pop Filter. The washable nylon mesh screen gently breaks up that explosive rush of air while allowing high frequencies through and keeping moisture out. The flexible gooseneck holder and swivel mount make it easy to put the Pop Filter exactly where you need it!


GXL2000BP Cardioid Condenser microphone

Large diaphragm
Cardioid polar pattern
Internal hi-pass filter
Black pearl finish
Includes elastic shock mount and protective pouch
Requires phantom power

GXL1200BP Cardioid Condenser Microphone
General instrument mic
Small diaphragm
Cardioid polar pattern
Pearl black finish
Requires phantom power
Includes mic clip and storage pouch

MH110 Studio Headphones
Circumaural, precision-built monitor headphone.
50mm neodymium drivers
easyfold, comfort-fit headband

EPF15A Pop Filter
Stops plosives
Protects your mic
Flexible gooseneck holder
Swivel mount for easy positioning


GXL1200BP Cardioid Condenser Microphone
Operating Principle: externally-biased condenser
Polar Pattern: cardioid
Frequency response: 30Hz to 20KHz
Sensitivity: -36dBV (16mV) @ 1 Pa
Impedance: 100 ohms
Max SPL: 135dB, 1% THD
Self Noise: 17dBA
Power requirements: P48, 4mA
Finish: pearl black

MH110 Studio Headphones
Frequency Response 8Hz -18KHz
Sensitivity 112 +/- 3dB
Driver 50mm neodymium
Impedance 32O
Weight 10oz [0.30Kg]
Cable Length and Connection 2.8m [112"] cord with 1/4" and 1/8" connector
RoHS Compliant

EPF15A Pop Filter
Filter: 6" diameter circular
Gooseneck: 15` flexible
Clamp: universal mic stand.