THE LYRIC HG LYH6XLRMTRS6 6` MXLR-TRS cables (2 per package)


IGL Copper Conductors: Open and extended midrange and high frequencies without artificial glare or etching

Solid Core Conductors: Eliminates the effects of strand interaction: the single largest source of distortion in cables

Balanced Geometry: Delivers a highly dynamic and dimensional presentation compared to cables that use the shield to carry your signal

Foamed Polyethylene: Maximizes air around the conductors to preserve micro-dynamics and resolution of detail

Carbon Skins: Extruded over each lead to reduce triboelectric noise

20 awg Conductor Size: Large enough to communicate punch and authority. Small enough to avoid skin-effect anomolies at higher frequencies

High Density Copper Braid Shield: May be used in noisy enviroments