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Menzel MDN400VH 1/2 Size Violin,Case and Bow
ID: 13610

*** Shop Serviced and Ready to Play***

Hand carved violin with solid spruce top. Maple back, sides and neck. Hardwood fingerboard and pegs. Plastic fine tuner tailpiece and chinrest. Full size violin. Excellent entry level violin outfit... more
NS Designs WAV Electric Violin w/ Case
ID: 16395


The NS WAV Eelectric violin is the perfect electric violin for any player interested in exploring the world of amplified or electronic performance. Full, natural tone, outstanding comfort, and sophisticated design are combined in an instrument which is simply a... more
Stentor Harlequin 4/4 Violin Outfit in Green
ID: 13033

*** Shop Serviced and Ready to Play! ***


Carved from solid tonewoods
Made to correct specifications
Hardwood pegs
Black hardwood fingerboard
Composite tailpiece with integral adjusters
Lightweight shaped case
Coloured wood bow

When you hear a piece played by the violin, even if the player hits every single... more
Stentor ST1018 Student Standard Violin Outfit-4/4 Size
ID: 16553

*** Shop Serviced and Ready to Play! ***

The Stentor Student Standard is an entry-level
outfit for players on a budget. Unlike many other economy level instruments, it is made to correct measurements and specifications. The outfit comes... more
Stentor V100 Hora Rhapsody Violin Outfit-4/4 Size
ID: 16555

The Hora Rhapsody Violin is one of our top recommendations for beginners. The violin is made of carefully selected resonant spruce and maple wood from the Carpathian Mountains in Romania. It is stored for natural drying for 5-10 years,... more