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Delta Blues HD-10
ID: 9394

Delta Blues harmonica in your favorite keys featuring 10 holes, 20 reeds mounted in a plastic frame and nickel-plated outer case. Includes special blue Delta Blues box.

Please note: ALL Harmonicas are final sale ... more
Hohner 1896/20 Marine Band
ID: 1032

The one, the only, the original - the harp that was there when harmonica blues was born. Made famous when played by every serious harmonica player from Little Walter to John Lennon, Paul Butterfield to Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young and... more
Hohner 532/20 Blues Harp
ID: 1030

Dig in deep and experience the raw power and grit of the blues. The Blues Harp is engineered for consistent volume and tone when used for intense blues playing. This harp can hang with the toughest players on their... more
Hohner 542/20 Golden Melody
ID: 1080

The 542/20 Golden Melody Hohner is an especially airtight harmonica with a strong, full-bodied sound. The curved ends provide extra holding comfort, and it`s ideal for overblowing. Get the one virtuoso Howard Levy prefers. Curved cover plates extend... more
Hohner 560/20 Special 20
ID: 8738

Awesome response, superior bendability and the sweetest tone ever. This harp is the first choice for those learning to play. Its special airtight design makes it the most recommended go-to harp for harmonica players of any style, including blues,... more
Hohner 562/20 Pro Harp
ID: 1082

Perfect for rock and blues. Plastic comb. Heavy-duty reed plates are secured with 6 screws. ... more
Hohner 590/20 Big River Harp
ID: 1031

The Big River Harp is the result of Hohner`s automated Modular System (MS) production. It features improved reed design for long life and bright tone, airtight body for increased volume, contoured covers that project sound and are comfortable to hold.... more
Hohner 7 PC. Piedmont Blues Set
ID: 13385

The perfect seven-piece starter set.

Piedmont Blues or East Coast Blues was born in the American Southeast during the 1900s. Out of its diverse influences arose some of Americas most well known blues harmonica players.

The Piedmont Blues set presents... more
Hohner C12 Travel Case
ID: 14483

The Hohner C12 Harmonica Carry Case is constructed of high-impact ABS plastic with a solid aluminum valance. The Hohner harp case offers maximum protection for harmonicas, while still being lightweight. The Hohner C12 case holds up to 12 diatonic... more
Hohner Super Chromonica Chromatic harmonica
ID: 3420

Chromatic harmonicas are designed to play everycomplete scale in any key - major, minor, pentatonic,blues, etc. - all on one instrument. Additionally,all accidental notes are available at any timefor any situation.Each single hole contains four notes, engaged individuallyby inhaling... more
ID: 9392

lee oskar major diatonic harmonica

This is the Blues Harmonica.

The traditional, standard tuning for playing

Model 1910
Orange Label ... more
Suzuki Manji SU-M-20 Harmonica
ID: 13520

Advanced Technology and Classic Style

Advanced technology and functional beauty are combined in this stunning 10 hole diatonic harmonica, the all-new Suzuki MANJI Harmonicas.

Unique composite comb produces natural wood tones with no moisture expansion.

Available in 14... more
Suzuki SU-MR250S - Blues Master Box Set
ID: 11255

The Right Key for Every Song

This boxed set of Bluesmaster harmonicas gives the working musician the six most popular and useful musical keys in one convenient, affordable package. Bluesmaster features our ultra thin, Phosphor Bronze laser tuned, bendable, reed system... more