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Gon Bops Alex Acuna Special Edition Cajon w/ wires and bag
ID: 15947

This gorgeous instrument is also one of the best-sounding Cajons available anywhere! Deep, resonant bass tones are awe-inspiring, and playing closer to the corners results in some truly sublime effects as the minimalist guitar string wires configured diagonally across the... more
Gon Bops CJFL Spanish Flamenco Cajon with Wires and Bag
ID: 13618

An authentic Spanish Flamenco Cajon crafted from lightweight wood and featuring internal guitar string wires. To keep the wood as light as possible while maintaining strength, a wide wood brace is used. As a result, the tone is pure... more
Gon Bops FSCJM Fiesta Cajon in Mahogany with Bag
ID: 13614

The best value going! The Mahogany model contains four internal snare wires arranged in two v-shapes running down the front plate, as well as a set of small adjustable bells that can be moved to touch the front panel if... more
Gon Bops FSCJW Fiesta Cajon in Walnut with Bag
ID: 11113

Priced smartly for students, beginners -- or perfect GrabnGo instruments. Measurements are 12 x 11.5 x 19.75. Heavy duty rubber feet ensure bass tones dont get lost in the floor, and the Walnut model includes an external knob to... more
Gon Bops Tumbao Pro Cajon Burnt Toast Burst
ID: 15945

Smartly finished in Walnut or Burnt-Toast-Burst, a Maple front panel and internal snare wire design provide plenty of high-end pop without sacrificing low end response. Flamenco tones are a snap to achieve! The front panel is also easily adjustable... more
Gon Bops Tumbao Pro Series Bongos
ID: 15950

Professional-size, professional-grade drums built from Plantation grown Asian Oak with featuring natural rawhide heads. Classic Gon Bops teardrop crown hoops add the legendary quality and feel of vintage Gon Bops drums, while smart, traditional welded bottom ring design eliminates cup... more
Latin Percussion LP1607YL World 7" Rope Tuned Circle Djembe
ID: 15712

Circle Djembes from the LP World Collection offer stunning sound and premium durability with eye-catching looks for rhythm makers of all levels. The djembes are made of LP`s exclusive HD material making them both lightweight and robust. Plus, the... more
Mano Percussion MP 714 Bongos
ID: 11757

The Mano Percussion 714 Bongos feature 7` & 8` shells, and are tunable with any standard drum key. Natural skin heads are mounted with standard chrome flanged hoops and hardware, and are available in natural finish only.

... more
Mano Percussion MP-PP6B Percussion Kit
ID: 15858

The Mano Percussion MPPP6 is a 6 piece set in clear vinyl carry bag.

6` wooden tambourine with head
wooden handle castanet
1 pair each egg maracas
egg handle maracas
wooden finger castanets
wrist bells

Comes in a clear vinyl carry... more
Mano Percussion MP-T10
ID: 5633

MP-TC-WH Cutaway Tambourine with Double Row, 16 pairs of jingles. ... more
Mano Percussion MP1434 Timbale Set
ID: 14082

Timbale Set 13` & 14` Steel Shells with Cowbell & Stand. The Mano Percussion 1434 Timbales feature full-sized, shiny chrome-finished steel shells, on a durable double-braced stand with rubber shell stabilizers. Each set comes with an accessory mounting post... more
Mano Percussion MP1511F-BK Dejembe 11"
ID: 15004

The Mano Percussion 1511F 11 inch Djembe features a traditional style rim, combined with a natural skin head, on a fiberglass shell for superior sound. Quality high gloss lacquer finishes and a beautiful fabric shell ring offer an attractive appearance.... more
Mano Percussion MP1511F-OD Djembe 11"
ID: 16013

The Mano Percussion 1511F 11 inch Djembe features a traditional style rim, combined with a natural skin head, on a fiberglass shell for superior sound. Quality high gloss lacquer finishes and a beautiful fabric shell ring offer an attractive appearance.... more
Mano Percussion MP1601-NAT Conga Set(10`-11") with stand
ID: 11939

Double Conga Set 10` & 11` with Stand The Mano Percussion 1601 congas feature quality selected wood shells, metal rims, and natural skins. A unique carved out ring and protective rubber base add to the attractive appearance of the high-gloss... more
PEARL PCJ-629616 Jingle Cajon
ID: 15659

The Pearl Jingle Cajon features 2 sets of adjustable platinela and tambourine jingles on the faceplate and the cajon can be played with the jingles turned on or off and anywhere in between. The Jingle Cajon features a fiberglass body... more
Remo Kids Percussion KD-0500-01 Frame Drum 5 piece Set
ID: 15937

Kids Hand Drum

The Kids frame drums feature Remos Fiberskyn 3 heads that are used on the top of the line professional drums.

The history of this ancient instrument will continue to inspire generation to come. Include your kids in this rich... more
Remo TU111416 Key-Tuned 27"x14" Island Finish Tubano
ID: 14611

The Tubano is a Remo invention and an entirely new development for a musical instrument. Tubano drums are the preferred choice for drumming programs where students range in ages 5 to 85 and are very light and easy to store... more
Sarga Mississippi Stompbox
ID: 12487

The Sarga Mississippi Stompbox is a percussion instrument consisting of a small wooden box placed under the foot using an active electronic system, producing a deep and powerful sound similar to that of a bass drum. The Mississippi Stompboxes are... more
Tycoon Percussion TFAJ-10JC Rope Tuned African Djembe
ID: 15739

Deep, loud bass tones and high, sharp slap tones
Hand-brushed fiberglass shells to ensure strict quality standards, and to release zero emissions in the environment
Lightweight shell is perfect for hours of play
Rubber ring at the bass of drum to... more
Waltons 10AWALP1900418DB 18`` Bodhran Player Pack
ID: 13752

Fantastic value and quality beginner gift pack. Contains 18" dark brown bodhran with beater, DVD tutor & bodhran cover. Everything you need to get started. ... more